Induced Good Thing Or Bad

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Lissa - January 5

I'm 38wks, and this baby is clost to being over 8lbs. I'm miserable as heck, and I'm thinkning about asking the doc just to induce me. Some say not too, cause it's a really diff. type of labor. But I can't much more of this. I'm cramping, some diahrea, nausuas.... I'm 2cm, and half effaced, as of last week. I'm going back today. Please answer someone!


shelbi - January 5

inducing can cause really strong labor contractions. also, ultrasounds aren't really accurate in predicting fetal weight... but you are pretty far along.. so you never know. my sis was told her baby was 9lbs, she was induced a month early, and he was only 5.5lbs. i totally know what you mean though, being so miserable. i'm 39weeks and have been in early labor for 5 weeks! LOL


shelbi - January 5

oh, here's a link:


courtney - January 5

i was due on the 30th. i was asking my doctor about inducing me on that date, or a little after. she said she wouldnt do it unless there was a medical reason :oP i am getting induced on the 12th in nothin by then. i think im gonna have a big baby too. daddy weighed 9 lbs 7 oz!!! when i REALLy thought about it, i changed my mind and DO NOT want to be induced, just for the full experience....this is my first and i would love to experience the whole thing...going into labor naturally....and the whole shabang! good luck!!! and im miserable too, lol....


Heather - January 5

I am almost the exact same is Lissa. I am 38 weeks and dialated to a two. I went today and the Dr said baby is 8 lbs, and I am measuring at 41 weeks... so she wants to get her out soon. She said if i am not dialated more by my next appt, she will set an induction date. I am scared of being induced. This is my first baby and I dont' know what to expect.. part of me would like that b/c I would be able to prepare and have family there, but the rest of me wants her to come when she is ready. The doc says she may not be able to come if I wait much longer... she will be too big!! Any GOOD stories anyone wants to share?? Please dont' scare me any more than I already am!! Thanks!!


ashleync83 - January 5

well my experience thus fas has sucked. My doc finally agreed to induce me at my apt on Tuesday, I was supposed to be induced this morning at 6:30 but at 5am I got a call from the hosp. saying that all the beds were full and i would have to wait a while. Well after fasting (docs orders) since midnight I finally got another call from the hosp. at 2:30 pm saying they have to reschedule me for Monday morning, apparantly every woman in my town is giving birth today. I wouldn't be so upset but we just had to break the news to family that drove in from out of state that there was going to be no baby today. Felt horrible, I have been in prelabor for weeks now and now I have to wait 4 more days, so inducing has left a bitter taste in my mouth to say the least.


krystal - January 5

induced with my oldest who is nine now. They induced at 41 weeks but good thing was that my labor was 3 hours -start to delivery. it was a very hard intense labor though. not to mention she was my first and weighed in at 9 lbs 6 ozs. With my son i started labor at home and when i got to the hospital iwas only at 2 cms but luckily they did not send me home and i didn't seem to be progressing fast enough so at 4 cms they put me on the drip again. three hours later he was born. he was 8lbs 1 oz. finally my little guy that i had in september i had a different doctor and she wouldn't induce even though i was 5 days overdue and dialted to a 3with contractions for almost a day. that labor ended up being almost 2 days. so yes, i would say that induction for me was a good thing. i didn't mind a 3 hour labor atall.


jg - January 6

LISSA/HEATHER I was induced at 40 weeks 6 days. I had dilated 1cm by that stage and thought I was in labour but apparently the contractions were cla__sed as "non-effective" so the Dr broke my waters, then about 1 1/2 hours later started my on the drip. WHAM contractions hit with a vengeance!! They were so incredibly intense, but I quickly dilated to 3cms, then a few hours later i was fully dilated and ready to push. i had pethedine, an epidural and gas. The epidural worked AMAZINGLY. because the drip makes you start labour so strongly i really felt that i could not cope with the pain, knowing that the contractions were only going to get much much worse. So I had the epidural really early. In saying all this, i would be induced again in an instant. As soon as the epidural kicked in labour was an absolute breeze and i didn't even feel the birth. i have read others saying that they wanted to "feel the moment of birth" but for me HELL NO. I came away feeling that my labour and birth was a really positive experience and relatively pain free and therefore have no quarms about going through it all again. Good luck to you all!!!


Selena - January 9

I was induced at 38 weeks because of high bloodpressure. The labor pains were very intense and immediate but after the epidural I sailed through the delivery. Total labor 5.5 hours with 35 minutes of pushing included. ON anote about the inaccuracy of ultrasounds. I went in at 35 weeks for an ultrasound because I was experiencing some preterm labor and they estimated my baby to be 5lbs 5 ozs. When I delivered at 38 weeks she weighed 5lbs 6 ozs so they were apparently way off! I can't imagine how small she would have been if I had had her at 35 weeks!


Laura - January 10

I was induced with my 3rd. I was measuring 4 weeks ahead. They induced me at 38 weeks. I delivered a 6lb 1oz baby. All was fine. Labor was horrible!!!!!!!!! It was amniotic fluid that was so much! Is why I measured big.


Jamie - January 10

I was induced at exactly 37 weeks because of pre-eclampsia. Since I've only had the one baby, I can't say whether it was easier or harder than natural labor. It hurt, but it was doable. Though, I suppose I never go to the really hard part - after 24 hours of contractions, and 2 hours of pushing, the baby got stuck on my pelvic bone and I ended up with a c-section. The worst part of labor was when I was fully dilated and pushing - the contractions were right on top of each other, and there was no break or pause...they had to give me a drug to stop the contractions to prep me for the soon as they started to slow down, I fell asleep, and stayed asleep til DH woke me up when they took the baby out of me. I don't think it would have been as bad had the baby actually entered the birth ca___l so that the contractions and me pushing had been effective rather than wasted effort.


Jamie - January 10

Oh yah - at 37 weeks, my little girl was 8 lbs 1 oz - the doctor had been dead-on with the measurements from the ultrasound. I had an ultrasound the day I was induced, before the doctor decided to induce me - she predicted an 8 lb baby, and won the bet.


Bonnie - January 12

I'm 39 weeks and still sitting here waiting too. Had a check up today and have been 1 cm for last 3 weeks, baby is VERY high. Having no contractions or BH anymore. Doctor says anythign can happen but expects I wll go over my due date next week and may possibly need to be induced (baby is big).


Melissa - January 20

Oh heck ya be induced. And I gaurantee once your able to get that epidural you'll go much faster!!!


Karen - January 25

I'm 36 weeks now and am being induced on February 7th due to gestational diabetes. Since this is my first I am not going to expect anything. I read the good stories and the bad ones and figure since pain is subjective, I can only go by my own story. Hope it's a good one!


M.A. - January 25

I was induced with my first, and not with my second. The doctor stripped the mucous memebranes, and I went into labor naturally after three days with my second. I highly reccomend the stripping before the inducing. I hope I don't have to do the inducing with this one. It is more painful, and I don't like the drugs. It also took a lot longer to give birth with my induced baby.


mama3 - January 25

Lissa, I was induced with all of mine with no pain meds. Being induced just means your in the hospital from beging to end. My first I was half faced and also 2 cm. When the dr breaks your water it helps things move along alittle faster. But once you get to 7cm it wont be long from there. Inducing isnt anything bad. Its just a way for you to force your body into labor. If I was you I would do it. GL congrats.



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