Induced Or Not Induced

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juliawilkison - May 10

Has anyone been induced and not been induced? I ask because I am really wondering If the contractions are worse when you are induced. This will be my second child and I have an 11 month old so the birth is pretty fresh in my memory. The contractions came quick once I was induced and very painful. I am 38 wks 5 days today and my doctor said he will schedule me to be induced tomorrow. I am dilated 2.5 cm and effaced 70%. I was the same with my daughter and they induced me at 39 weeks. Im just wondering if I should just wait until the baby is ready or schedule to be induced. I really want the baby out, but I've been pregnant for so long now I figure whats another week or two. Can anyone help me out?


San - May 10

How come your doc wants to induce you already? Unless there's a need to get baby out I'd say it's your choice whether to get induced or wait it out. I had pitocin with my first as well and the contractions did hit pretty hard and fast after I got it. Good luck to you!


juliawilkison - May 10

I'm not really sure why he wants to induce me I had a cerclage in and he thought I would have the baby by now. He has no medical reason behind it. I know its my choice that is why Im asking...I had pitocin as well, but my question was if someone had been induced and not.


Jilloh - May 10

i have only one baby and i was induced.....i had a great experience


mom42 - May 10

I was not induced with my first and had an 8 hour labor. My second I was induced and had a 3hr, 20 min labor. I preferred the longer, non-induced labor. The induced (they broke my water only, no pitocin or anything) was too fast and I had a harder time staying in control of the contractions. I honestly think I was in shock for about an hour after the baby came. The only good thing was that induced, I only had to push 2-3 times and was walking around almost immediately after. Non-induced, I pushed for 1.5 hours. Not painful then, but I was much more swollen afterward. Don't know if that had anything to do with induction though. Good luck!


juliawilkison - May 11

mom42, Thank you thats exactly what I wanted to know.



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