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Angela - November 2

I am almost 40 weeks and my docotor has given me the option to induce. I said I would rather wait to see if I will go into labor on my own, but the doctor seems to be pushing inducement only because of the size of the baby. The doctor seems to think the baby will be a big, however the sonogram we had a week ago said the baby was approx. 6 1/2 pounds.


Haley - November 2

Im 37 weeks but I measure 40 and my doctor is inducing me on the 7th. I have another ultrasound tomarrow to check on the babys size. According to my last ultrasound, my baby weighed 6 1/2 lbs and has a big head. That was a month ago, and by now they say he should already be 8lbs or more. They told me they want to induce to help prevent against giving me a c-section if possible. I always wished that when I got pregnant and had my baby that my water would break on its own and all that, but that just doesnt happen for everybody. My main consern is for my baby, and if I have to have him a little early to prevent more stress on him and me then a couple of weeks early is ok by me. I hope everything goes ok for you.


kim j - November 2

the sosngrams can be off... this is a hard one. i dont know if i want to be induced or just wait it out. i have a big baby too. gl


Michelle - November 2

My Dr gave me no choice but to induce because my blood pressure kept going up and they were worried aout toxemia. At first I was so depressed because I wanted to go into labor on my own and get the full experience but then my DH pointed out that we can actually pick our daughters birthday which was a neat feeling and we also were able to have everything ready with no rushing which was nice. The actual inducing was really no biggie and other then having the contractions started for you with pitocin, the rest is pretty much the same as if it started on its own. In the end, as long as my daughter was healthy enough to come out, I felt there was no reason to take any risks by prolonging her birth.


Ashlie - November 2

I had an ultrasound done a week before I was induced and it said my son was 8lbs 1oz and half the day before I got induced and the entire day I gave birth I didnt eat anything and when my son was born he was 8lbs 15oz, so my ultrasound was fairly accurate as they are spose to gain about a pound a week.


Haley - November 3

I had my last ultrasound today, they told me that my baby was 8lbs 2 oz and that his head was 10.5cm across. Im quite nervous about the whole thing. Just be happy that your baby doesnt have a big head like mine! He is now inducing me on the 6th. because I have to go in a day early to have my cervix rippened. I hope things are still going good for you.


Michelle - November 7

I was induced twice after having trouble dilating and ended up having a c-section because I couldn't dilate... don't get me wrong that wasn't from the inducing... but be prepared for a lot of hard labour. Over 20 hours for me but it was ALL worth it!! And would do it all over again.


Emmy - November 7

I was induced 2 weeks early with my first child. My advice would be if you are dialated at all, then go ahead. I was dialated to a 3 when I went in, so I was able to get the epidural ealy on and had a very wonderful experience and it was only a 6 hour labor, much due to being able to be so relaxed I think. They have already told me they would induce me early again if I am ready, and I plan to ONLY if I am dialated, if you aren't, you could be in labor for quite some time before you are able to get any real pain medicine.



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