Inducing At 38 Wks

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Chris - November 17

I want to ask my Doctor to induce me at 38 wks but I don't know how. 38 wks is considered full term and I have heard of people being induced due to schedules and other things. I was induced with my 1st one at 37 1/2 wks and everything was fine. What do I say to my Dr and what if he doesn't want to??? Please help! Thanks.


Megan - November 17

There is a new study with very good evidence that an induction prior to 39 weeks gestation leads to increased adverse outcomes - mainly c-sections. Be patient - babies come when they are suppose to. Let your little one come on his or her own time.


KM - November 19

im getting induced 4 days early and my dcotor still informed me that even now my risk for c-section is increased


L - November 20

I have done tons of research on this subject because im trying to avoid another c-section with this one. It appears there is a direct connection between inductions and the high c-section rates. If the baby is not ready it makes sense how artificially making it ready could cause problems. Good luck!


dana - November 20

i agree withL let nature take its course good luck!!!


Sheena - November 23

I'm being Induced on Monday and it's for complications of the babies' kidney. If there are no complications with your pregnancy just enjoy it worry free unlike some of us. pregnancy is supposed to be a beautiful thing, so why rush it? form a special bond now and look at the positive side of things instead of all the uncomfortable days that lie ahead: "at least your child is fully healthy"!


nbp - November 24

hi, i am 38 weeks pregnate and my doctor is talking about inducing me next week, because of preeclampsia, i really am excited about getting my little bundle of joy early, but i am dissapointed that i won't get to carry him untill he is ready to come. i have herd that there are alot of risks to having your baby before time, and i am scared. if it wasn't for my condition, i would never want to have my baby before time, so don't rush things, he/she will be there soon enough, and they grow up so fast, enjoy it while you can.


Kristie - August 29

I will be asking my doctor today if inducment is possible. I have a five year old and an eight year old heading back to school next week and I'd like to be home with baby by then, I'm 38 weeks today, and baby is the biggest one so far so I'm not too worried about complications. To Chris, I would just emphasize how important it is to you to have the baby home soon, either for your other child or for reasons such as support you may or may not have if you wait till D day. If my doctor hums and haas about oking the induction, I'm going to also mention that my mother in law has booked off this week off of work to help me out and I won't have that support next week. If worse comes to worse, BEG, that's my last resort, but I will do it:) Good luck to you and wish me luck!



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