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rebecucha - February 13

I am 35 years old and pregnant with my first baby, my doctor wants to induce labor on my due date simply becuase I am 35 even though I have had a great pregnancy and everything looks great. I am not happy with my doctor's decision as I wanted to have natural labor. any of you have had similar experiences? what do you think about my doctor's decision?


iona - February 14

Your doctor is an idiot. My god, wanting to induce you because you are 35!?!? You are right, do what you feel, believe me you will go into labor on your own, you have had a great pregnancy and everything has been great. Sounds like your doc wants to ruin a good thing. Good luck!


rebecucha - February 14

thank you, well I guess she believes that when you are older your placenta does not work as well as when you are younger and that is why I should not pa__s my due date...but as I said, there are no signs that the placenta is not working right or anything, I am just confused and hope I can have a natural delivery


iona - February 15

Being 35 has nothing to do with a placenta aging "faster". There are many ways to monitor the well being of your baby when you pa__s your due date, and there is nothing to worry about really until you are 2 weeks past. Just kindly tell your doc no to induction and if you are still worried, get a 2nd opinion. Inducing labor also runs risks, did your doc inform you of those...? Good luck!


rebecucha - February 15

you are absolutely right. Thanks for the message, hopefully I can find a doctor with a different opinion, here in Mississippi they are very traditional about these things, it seems to me, it is one of the states with higher rates of c-sections, scary!!!


gummibear - February 16

don't do it! i wrote about this in a thread under '3d trimester', last december. my doc wanted to schedule an induction in case i went over 41 weeks, citing my personal medical stuff. like you, i didn't think my situation warranted scheduling it. but then i found out from the office staff that they scheduled inductions for everybody at 41 weeks. so the rest of it was BS. i refused, and my baby came a few days before his due date anyway. my OB and i did not see eye to eye re: natural (minimal intervention) birth. talk to your OB about specific details in advance - i told my OB i wanted minimal intervention and natural birth and got the head nod and the yeah, sure, anything you want - until the next visit when amnesia kicked in and 'routine intervention' kicked up. my mistake was not giving them something in writing and going over specifics. my OB offered an epidural 3x during my labor, and 'something to make his head come faster' b/c she thought my LO wasn't coming for hours. he arrived an hour later, drug-free. i delivered 4 hours after arriving at the hospital. labor at home as long as possible, and make use of nice hot showers! and bring something to bite on at the hospital! you can do it! remember your right to refuse. remember to stick to your guns. while contracting you'll want to kill someone anyway. *wink*


rebecucha - February 17

Thank you, my due date is approaching, on 3 days and I am getting nervous becuase I dont want to be induced, I will talk to my doctor tomorrow and see what happnens, but seems that for some reason they like to induce women, I just wonder what the reason beind it is???


rebecucha - February 17

my doctor decided she would be alright to wait at least 10 days after the due hopefully baby Luna will arrive around those dates....


gummibear - February 17

for convenience, control, or a sense of it anyway. it's part of the 'active management' school of thought. you can find arguments for it online - altho in my opinion they are not very good ones. i recommend trying 'natural' inducement methods to help you along - s_x and walking. some people are pro-castor oil, some against - i didn't want to try it. there are foods you can eat. i walked. it didn't help me immediately, but i think it helped overall. walking had immediate affects on my sister - she delivered right after her hubby made her walk a few (super far) mississippi blocks.


iona - February 18

Don't forget nipple stimulation...I swear it worked for my 2nd!! Yes I agree with gummi about the reasons docs want to induce. I think its also a way to feel more powerful than nature/god or the higher power. I mean there are so many doctors and hospitals that are "induction happy" and basically do some kind of intervention to a perfectly normal laboring women. For example many hospitals have a simple policy that once you are there and haven't delivered within 8 hours, they want to "speed things up.".... Oh and gummi,,,,I forgot to mention on my other post to you that I too was told to lay down in labor and it made me feel so degraded, not to mention the pain was so bad in a lying position! But as I felt weak and they were the "doctors" I did it anyway....Yuck, makes me still cringe to remember it : )



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