Inducing Labor

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luckigirl22 - December 24

i am due on the 30th. my Dr said because this is my first baby and because i havent dropped, nor dialted(am gettin membranes stripped on tues) that im gonna have to be induced. my mother was induced with her first and she was in labor for 49 hours!!! does it in most cases prolong labor? and also make it more painful??? share your stories with me!! and also, who has had positive results from membrane stripping??? thanx girls!


M - December 25

I had my membranes stripped last Monday. It hurt and was uncomfortable because it felt like contractions. But afterwards I was fine. I've read that doing this is a more natural way of inducing labor and as my doctor put it "get things going". Your doctor will probably want to do it to get you to dialate some. However, some women I know have gone into labor within hours of this and some nothing happens for a couple of weeks. It really depends on your body and if the baby is ready. I am suppose to be induced the 29th. Try googling Stripping the Membranes if you need more information on the procedure.


Dani - December 25

I'm probably not the norm. I was induced with my last one (it was my 3rd baby though). I was so scared. I went on my own with my other 2. I was already 4 cm/70% for about 2 weeks before. I was hooked up to pitocin at 7:15, water broken at 8:30, baby born at 9:18. I did not think the contractions were any more painful than with my other 2 (they still hurt like heck). But my family has a history of fast labors and since I was already dilated I think that contributed to the quickness. I have heard the horror stories too but hoping your goes smoothly!!


Sharon - December 26

Your doctor said this! Argh! I'm not one of these anti doctor people at all but that sounds totally nuts and invasive! I was induced with my first child and it was HELL. I was in labor for over thirty hours, starved by the doctors, and constantly pressured to get a c-section to get it over with until my father threatened to sue the hospital if they didn't leave me alone. In the end I delivered normally, but the nurses later told me almost every induction ends up in c-section. Hello? Maybe that's a hint that some women's babies are just not ready to come out at that point. I urge you to speak to other doctors about what your doctor is suggesting, and to confront your doctor and make him'/her defend his proposed plan of action. Tell him/her that you are not comfortable with this and you may make the doctor think a little more about it too. This is your body, and as long as your baby is not in and danger let nature take its course. Best of luck to you. I"m due today and still nothing!


C - December 26

I would tell your doctor that you don't want to be induced until it's medically necessary. I was induced because of high BP and let me tell you it was not fun. I was in labor for 17 hours and 3 of those hours was pushing. I do know people that were induced and had no problems but I still think I had a hard time due to the induction. I hope to not have high BP next time to find out. Let us know what happens and do what you feel is right for you and your baby.


Jamie - December 27

I was induced because of pre-eclampsia - I was in labor for 24 hours, pushed for 2, and ended up with a c-section, followed by a week confined to the hospital bed on a magnesium drip because I developed severe hypertension as an allergic reaction to some of the drugs they pumped into me - first the pitocin, then the stuff they gave me to counteract the pitocin and stop the contractions so I could have a c-section. It was NOT fun. If your baby is healthy, refuse the induction...I have yet to hear a positive story of an induction; I've heard tales like mine, and also tales like my sister-in-law's - she was induced, but after being on a pitocin drip for 30 hours, she still hadn't had a single contraction...2 weeks later, she went into labor naturally.


Dani - December 28

Yes, Just because you are due on the 30th that is just an estimate. I know some women go 2 weeks before or after. If you are not dilated at all I would definately not want to be induced. Just tell him you want to wait it out a little longer, no need to rush just yet!!


Been There - December 28

My second child was late. On the 8th day of being late, I went to the hospital to be induced and the pains didn't start until the next day. I only dilated to 4 centimeters that morning, but enough to get that epidural. I had not effaced, my daughter had not dropped and it wasn't going anywhere. I let it be known to my doctor that I wasn't going to sit there another day like this. My doctor knew it wasn't going to happen for me either, so we went for the C-Section. If you feel labor is going on too long, you certainly have the right to make decisions as necessary. Now, having said that, you may want to try taking some walks which may help your body get moving. Don't walk alone, but do walk.



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