Inducing Labor At 36 Weeks

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Lindsey - August 31

Would it be bad to try to induce my labor when I am at 36 weeks?


sue - August 12

how would you go about inducing? let nature take it's course and if you really wanted to induce labor try walking every evening and getting some exercise but i would wait until next week at 37 weeks then you are considered full term and I don't see nothing wrong with that..good luck


Erin - August 27

I am being induced and the docs don't like to do it until you are 39 weeks along. Usually you have to have a medical reason for being induced also. I have high blood pressure, a polyp in my gallbladder that has to be removed and the amount of amniotic fluid around my baby is not enough to get him through another week and a half. If you have a reason to be induced the doctors will decide when it is the best time for you.


Christine - August 31

Yes. Do not induce yourself early. I'm not saying that for you although I know you're wicked uncomfy right now. It's best for the baby to keep growing inside you a few more weeks. Trust me, please. I had a preemie and while they are just beautiful little angels when they are born early they have more problems, even at 36 weeks. Especially reflux....yick. Talk to your doctor about your feelings though. The time will pa__s quickly and before you know it, you'll be full term!


Mae - August 31

My sister-in-law was induced with her fourth child. The doctor told her ahead of time that inducing actually takes long & slows the whole birthing process. Boy, was she right. My sister-in-law had all her other babies under 8 hours but this last one they induced was not only the smallest but took her 22 hours to get out. The doctor tried to tell her.


Suzanne - August 31

If you are not having medical problems why induce? You don't have much longer to go just try to be patient. Your babies health should be the most important thing to you right now.


Ashley - September 17

No, it would not hurt. My doctor told me that 99% if babies survive born at 34 weeks. It might possibly need a__sisted breathing to help get it started if its lungs are not matured enough.


Ashley - September 30

I woulnt want to deliver ealry, let your baby grow, thats whats bst. U might be uncomfortable, but if u have no medical problems, u dont wanna risk the baby being in an incubator or hooked up to anything. Do what the doctor thinks is best.



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