Inducing Labour Myth Or Not

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Mich - August 14

I am in my 39th week. We have tried long walks, s_x to help the process along, but am convinced that nothing works. I will try anything except for Caster Oil, I dont look forward to the side affects of being sick to my stomach again or having the runs!!!! I get the impression that it works, but its not for me! What I think is that there isnt really any way to induce labour, I think that people just tried all the different things and it just so happens baby decides to come and because that happens people think that is what works. I am going to try raspberry tea today, but I am not getting my hopes up. Also, how do we know if we are really over due?! I mean there is no for sure test to show when the big day will happen?! All I know is that the 9th month is the hardest, no sleep, constant moving and nudging from baby, peeing every 5 minutes, sharp pains in the pubic area.......... Baby will come when shes ready I guess...... WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?!


Carrie - August 24

I am 37 weeks along and have just started to think about methods of naturally inducing labor. I thought I was the only one out there with the pains in the pubic region! It's hard to enjoy these last few weeks of personal one-on-one time with the little one when standing, sitting, walking, laying down all bring a shooting pain to the privates. I have heard of the caster oil, but I am a firm believer that putting my body through that trauma should be saved for actual labor, not just the attempts to being it on. Good luck to you!


Mich - August 24

I am now 40 weeks, and still have the same pains. Everyone said I would go early, yeeeeh right! I think they jinxed me because shes not giving me any hope shes comming out any time soon. I have given up trying to naturally induce labour, and I also refuse to use caster oil. If she doesnt come out on her own by the 2nd they are going to induce me, so all I keep telling myself is that its only an extra week. All these pains get my hopes up but nothing is happening other then more pain and the baby moving around alot. 10 days at the most!!!!



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