Inducing Labour At 32 Wks Is It Safe

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jailin1109 - September 22

I am having my 5th child and I am at 32 weeks and have hyperthroidism would it be safe to try the brown sugar .My ob is concerned about the pregnancy because she thinks I am way too big to be at 32 wks confused


tk07 - September 22

i wouldn't think it would be good for the baby yet, it's lungs and organs are still immature. maybe get an u/s first to see how big the baby actually is, maybe you are a couple weeks further than you think??


Allisonc79 - September 22

No at 32 weeks your still only 7 mo pregnant. Why would you intentionally want to have a premie? They are at risk of all sorts of illness. Even a cold can be deadly for them. I would hold off and keep it on the safe side. Measuring big is ok as long as the baby doesn't get to 10 pounds they won't induce b/c of size. Even then they will want to wait and do a c-section rather than have you induced that early. That first ultrasound is the most accurate. They have it down now adays to no more than 5 days off.


Tory1980 - September 23

Hell no it's not a good idea to induce this early. If they are concerned about the size then she needs to do u/s to check for definite the rough weight and also your dates. Saying that though dates will mean nothing this far on. If you are sure on LMP or when you conceived then go by those dates. Of course you are big with this pregnancy. You have had four before it and everything is looser and more easily stretched so baby isn't as confined. I am measuring bigger with this baby than my actual dates but it is my 6th pregnancy and hopefully 4th baby. I was absolutly enormous with my second though but never once was it suggested to induce until I went over my due date. I would argue with the Doctor about inducing now just because you look 'big' when there is no grounds fo it.


DeeD - September 24

No-absolutely not. It is not safe. But there comes a point where you have to weigh the risks between machine help in the NICU or inutero. Which is more beneficial for baby. Most docs would not even consider any risk before 35 weeks a safe risk for baby. Be patient. It will all work out. Some poeple just get bigger.


tryin44 - September 25

Women can deliver big babies. My first was 10.2 It was difficult but doable. I do now get induced early because of size issues but there is no way of being totally for sure. My 10,2 lber was estimated by U/S to be 8lbs. My sister had a baby estimated by U/s to be almost 10lbs and he was only 7.14 It is hard to be for sure.


jenna32 - October 2

actually i think she is 8 months pregnant i guess depends how you count it !


letgo0527 - November 13

NO completely unsafe...are you crazy!!?? Your baby will almost certainly have health problems if born this premature.



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