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Kerri - February 9

I'm 10 days overdue and my doctor is inducing me tomorrow. I know everybody is different, but I am so nervous and I was wondering how long labor lasted for after being induced? Also, how long were you in labor before you got the epidural? Did anyone end up having a c-section afterwards?


Bonnie - February 9

My water broke when I was 2 days overdue (just had him 2 weeks ago), I had no contractions and was only 1 cm and not effaced at all so they induced me with Pitocin (after making me walk 2 hours, lol). Pitocin works FAST! Yu can get the epidurl whenever you want. I waited until I was pretty uncomfortable. I wasn't crying and could grunt my way through a conversation (but if I had waited in any longer I probably would have cried). I was 4 cm at the time. The epidural was awesome!! I then went totally pain free. It did wear off twice, but it is an IV drip and they just come in and fix it. I pushed for 2 and a half hours and ended in a c-sectin when baby couldn;t fit. The c-section scared the hell out of me. But once I realised I was cut and couldn;t feel any pain I immediately relaxed. the doctor's were very laid back and joking about and actually had me laughing during the surgery. It was really kind of neat. My total labor time was 14 hours, but it honestly felt like 2 hours. Time seems to stand still. To be honest, I enjoyed 90% of the whole experience and I miss it! lol


Bonnie - February 9

P.S. I had nevre had any surgeries, broken bones, or even a st_tch. So I was TERRIFIED!!!! I cried a lot from being so scared. The pain is of coure there, but the epidural took it all away and I was pain free for the majority of it. The only parts that sucked was that I had the shakes real bad and threw up a few times from low blood pressure (which was just embarra__sing). You will do just fine! :D Let us know how it goes.


TH - February 9

I have been induced twice. The first time they broke my waters & the whole labour & delivery was only 3 hours long!! The second time I was already 6 cms with a stalled labour the gave me the picton & 45 mins after I was holding my daughter. Both times I went without an epi (the thought of a needle in my spine...ewww). I think the main risk of a c-section is if your body is not ready, the induction doesnt work and baby gets stressed. Good Luck!


Pam - February 11

I just had my baby 2 weeks ago, induced at 36 weeks because of mild preeclampsia and kidney infection/stones. I was in the hospital for about 5 weeks. They induced me with pitocin at about 3 am in the morning. The delivery was awesome. I was dilated to 1.5 at 7am. Doc broke my water at 7:30 and I dilated to 3. By 9 I was 5, 10:30, 9.5 and I had a beautiful girl at 11:45. I had an epidural so I had no pain, although I am still nursing some st_tches froma tear. I think things will go well for you. I was freaking out the night before about labor and then it just goes by so quick! - February 13

I also was induced at 37 wks. b/c of mild pre-eclampsia. I went in at 9am and got induced with cervadil, had that in for at least 12 hours and I wasnt even dilated 1 cen., come to find out I had scar tissue in front of my cervix from a previous surgery, so they had to manually dilate me to a 4 with this balloon type thingy, and when I was acutally dilated the balloon would fall out. That happend around 1am and then I got the epidural. They then gave me pitocin to speed up contractions. Around 6am I was 6 cen. and an hour later I was 10 cen. plus 2. I pushed in 3 or 4 contractions and I had my son 7:39 the next morning. So I was in labor for 22 hours.



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