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hkh - June 21

I am 41 weeks and scheduled to be induced on Sunday. Does anyone have advice, esp. regarding Pitocin, since it seems like everything I've read about it says that it makes labor harder, more painful and can lead to more fetal distress. Thanks!


Ang - June 21

i was induced with the hormone strip, but in general what I heard/read was that being induced in general make your labour harder.


Jamie - June 21

Decide now if you're willing to consent to an emergency c-section. Most of the women I know who were induced with pitocin, myself included, ended up with c-sections. My biggest regret is that I didn't expect it, and wasn't prepared for it, so when I was asked in the middle of a contraction if I wanted one, I pretty much screamed yes. In hindsight, if I had known then what I know now, I would have refused the epidural so I could walk through my labor and maybe have prevented the c-section. So maybe find out if your hospital offers a walking epidural (mine didn't) and also decide and discuss with your significant other now how you feel about an emergency c-section.


Mellissa - June 21

i have also heard that being induced with pitocin makes your labor more intense.. and if that's that case, then i am prepared to not feel a thing if i go naturally!!! the reason i say that is because i was induced at 42 weeks with my daughter, and they used pitocin, and during the entire 17 hour labor, i was only in pain for 3 hours!!! i was VERY lucky. the pain only started for me after my water broke at 7 1/2 cm. from my experience, my advice to you would be to ask the dr not to break your water too early on. most people i know get their water broken at about 3 or 4 cm.. but for some reason my dr never broke mine and they let it break on it's own.. and i am so thankful for that! although the majority of women do have intense, hard labors with pitocin, i had the most amazing, calm experience.. and i pray everyday i have the same type of experience when i have this baby! (i'm due july 20th) good luck to you and i'm anxious to hear your birth story when you get home!!! :)


michellem - June 22

is pitocin the pessary, if so i was induced this way with all 3 of my children and had no probs with any of them, am now 34 wks with 4th child and am hoping to start naturally it would be nice just the once but am not concerned if they do need to induce me, however may need a cesar yet as the little monkey is breech at mo


jas - June 22

induction was easy peasy.... I had my first naturally and I will admit, with the pitocin I opted for the epidural, but it was fast... They started the pitocin at 8am, I had the epidural at 1420, and kicked out my little one at 1519... I would say labor was more intense, but I can't say if that's because of the pitocin or because I am much older now then I was when I had my first that my tolerance for pain went down. Best of luck to you!!!


hkh - June 22

Thanks for the input! Mostly I have heard really negative induction stories, so it helps to hear some more positive ones too. Still holding out a bit of hope that I won't need to be induced since I've got a couple of days left, but am also mentally preparing myself!


Laurabb4 - June 22

I was induced with my 3rd. Labor was not longer or harder than the first two which were natural. My doctor waited to break my water until I was at 6 cm. THen things went fast. Good luck.



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