Is Any One Else Trying For Natural Child Birth

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L - December 20

Hi ladies, is anyone else hoping to have a natural childbirth? I would really love to go without medication. Thanks


ameigh - December 20

yeah, im gunna really try to go threw the whole thing without any medication... but if it becomes way to much im not gunna be stubborn, im gunna ask for the smallest dose and see how far i can make it on that and so forth. but im hoping i dont have to... but with or without meds, good luck to everyone =)


Jess - December 20

i did it without meds!!! just think to yourself. there is no way out of this and just think im going to do it and believe in urself. worked for me


L - December 21

Thanks ladies, it would be great to make it through with no medication. Last time all I wanted to do was sleep after the medication. This time I want to bond with my son right away!


hi L - December 21

i am going to try very hard to go without anything, but at the time i get there, who the hell knows right, just be as prepared for "pain" as you can be, and know it isnt really going to be a walk in the park, and you should be fine. good luck, and how far along are you?


Sasha - December 21

I don't want any meds. Most women look at me like I'm crazy, even my doctor. I just don't want to be all numb! I want to be alive and wake and see my child for the first time with alert eyes. I want to believe that pain is all relative to how you think you'll experience it. Remember, women have been doing it for centuries before us without epidurals and IV's.


Lynn - December 22

I went natural 3 weeks ago. You can do it & It's well worth it. Just breath through your contractions, keep telling yourself its only a minute, its almost over, then I'll get a little rest before the next one. You can do it.


Emma - December 22

I'm such a wuss!! I'm definately planning on an epidural. I get sick from narcotics, so IV pain relief isn't an option. When I had my son I got the epi at about 5cm. Up until that point I was in constant pain. Has anyone ever had that? I thought that it only really hurt when you had a contraction then at least let up a bit. I didn't have pitocin or anything else and by the moniter my uterus was contracting and relaxing, but it never stopped hurting or ever even let up a bit. Has anyone heard of this?


Lynn - December 22

You were probably so tense from the "fear" of being in pain that you couldn't fully relax between contractions. You have to be able to accept the pain and not be afraid of being in pain to be able to completely relax your muscles and let the contractions do their job. What you experienced is common in women that tend to not have high pain threshholds.


shelbi - December 22

i'm going w/o meds as well. i've already informed and given my signed birthplan to the hospital and my doctor so they don't bother asking me if i want them.


L - December 22

What have you found to be the best breathing techniques... with mt first I can remember having a clock right in front of me. My focus was totally on the clock, not the best item to be focusing on. The shower was a god send, I would of giving birth in there if I was allowed. Unfortunately my bowel let go in the shower and I wasn't allowed back in.


Lynn - December 22

L-that is funny. I agree with the shower, I spent about an hour in there would have been longer if it was a little bigger though. I just really concentrated on taking in a full deep breath and slowly letting that breath out & doing that over & over until the contraction was over. My husband was there & it helped him to have me hooked up to the contraction monitor so that he could help coach me through them, he was able to tell when one was starting by watching the monitor and when it was peaking & then tapering off. That way he could tell me "Its as bad as its gonna get, its starting to go back down, you only have a little longer" etc,etc. But my focus was on my breathing deep breaths, getting good amounts of oxygen to the baby during a contraction and then exhaling and relaxing while I did that. I also was in active labor for 20 hours so don't think you have to have a short labor to get through it without drugs, you can do it.


L - December 23

Lynn, 20 hours that's a long labour.. My partner is really pushing for me to take medication. I know I can do this! Hopefully he will be a great coach like your husband was.


Kristina - December 23

I'm a wimp, I went for the epidural! =) It was really worth it and did not take away any alertness at all..just made me numb! Kinda felt like when you sit on your leg weird and it falls asleep haha. Yes women of our past did the natural thing, but hey we have the science to take the pain away why not utilize it? =)


Dani - December 25

I think if you want to go all natural see if you can take a cla__s that helps you concentrate on your breathing and relaxation. I went natural with 2 of mine but all I remember was why the heck do women want to go all natural. I asked for pain medicatin both times but it was too late anyway. It's not too bad if you can concentrate on pushing him out and you have fast labors. There is no way I would have been able to do it if I had a long labor.


Krista-Lee - December 25

You can ask for a light epidural, which is what i want to do, it allowes you to feel the birthing, but not so much pain. i cant get an epidural : ( i have a skin condition called morphea and its on my back : ( so no epidural for me. so i have to go natural, or get some other pain medication!


kk - December 26

like kristi, i'm a wimp and i went for the epidural. i was only numb. i was very aware of everything and my baby came out just fine. it was the best decision for me. i know my body and i know what i can/cannot handle. i was glad my dr. allowed me to have the epi early b/c everything they gave me just didn't work. i was in labor for 22 hours and 6 of those hours i was in agonizing pain!!! like, i said it was the best decision for me.



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