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candi - February 9

i am feeling very scared and have many panic attacks every since i found out i was pregnant. I have this huge fear of giving birth and the labour process can you give me any tips or tell me what will be painless for me when i do go into labour???


Cherie - February 9

Believe me I know how you feel. The reason your scared is because you don't know what to expect. after you have this one you won't be scared to go through it again. Every woman is different as every woman has a different pain threshold.For me the most painful part was the contractions at the end before you can start to push. I think because you have nowhere to dirrect you pain. I did request an epidural but the dr. didn't make it in time. I didn't find it painful when he was in the birth ca___l but uncomftable. Although I am from australia and I don't know where you from over here they offer you gas, pethadene then an epidural. but you have to be I think a min 6 cm before they will give you an epidural as it can slow down the labour process. Raspberry leaf tea is a uterine tonic and is ment to help make contraction more efficant when the time comes but don't have more than 1litre a day. Don't worry if you have an a__sisted delivery (eg forcep of suction) as they give you a local anistetic. For me my first labour went for 13 hours but your not in continus pain the whole time it slowly builds but it does get more intense when your water breaks if it hadn't already. I hope this helped. I found the best thing to do is gain knowledge the more you know the more you expect and the more you don't freak out over nothing at a critical moment.


Rachel.R - February 13

I say.. honest honey.. just relax. I was so panicy.. and when it came to the whole thing... i was 4cm, and had been in labout for like 7 hours before someone actually told me "rachel, you are in labour" i had no idea, cause i wasnt really in much pain at all.. i just thought i had a back ache from being in an uncomfy position the night before when they had me on the fetal heart monitor for 2 hours. So relax candi. And if it comes to it. get an epidural. They are amazing. They only thing is when you come off them, you get a little shaky, and itchy. When i had the epidural, i thought, oh yeh, im not going to be able to feel my body, but you actually can feel your body still, you can still move your legs slightly, but they are really heavy, and if someone pokes them you cant feel it. Another thing, when i had the epidural, all over me from my b___bs down got itchy in places like mozzy bites. But it wasnt that bad at all.. I would recommend an epidural to anyone. I loved it. it was great. And i couldnt feel any contractions.. i could only see them on the fetal heart monitor.. and watching how high they were going.. im so glad i had it. Oh and remember, with the epidural, they dont actually stick a needle into your spinal cord. it goes like into something next to it.. And the chances of complicatins are minimal. Go for it. and dont stress yourself, cause you will upset your baby. Just enjoy your pregnancy.



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