Is Labor Too Close

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Shea831 - April 8

Hey ladies, I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my second child, and I have been having cramps, headaches, swelling in my hands and feet, and diarrhea. With my daughter, my doctor had to tell me I was in labor. So I didn't pay that much attention to the signs. Although, I have done some reading and it sounds like preterm labor. Am I being paranoid, or is this something to worry about?


Malica - April 8

Headaches and abnormal swelling (especially if it doesn't go down over night) are both concerning as they are potentially symptoms of pre-eclampsia, a serious condition which needs to be closely monitored. Diarrhoea is potentially an early indicator that labour *may* not be far off, but it's not a perfect correlation. Cramping though at 36 weeks also needs to be investigated. Please call your doctor right away and let them know what you're going through so they can decide if you need to go in to see them, or head to the hospital to be checked out immediately. It could be nothing and I'm sorry if this seems rather alarmist, but pre-eclampsia is not something to take any chances with.


Shea831 - April 8

That's what I was afraid of. Thank you for informing me.


Malica - April 9

Let us know how it goes. I had developed preeclampsia at 36 weeks. I was in the hospital to be monitored for a week before I was induced and had a healthy baby girl. Everything worked out well in the end -- they can do remarkable things these days. Good luck! You'll be in my thoughts.


Shea831 - April 10

I just got back from the doctor. No peeclamsia. But I am dialated 1 and a half. The doctor said everything was good and I should probably expect this baby with in the next two weeks, at most. I just hope I make it to my baby shower next Sunday, because I don't have anything for a boy. Just a lot of pink.


Malica - April 10

That's great news! Glad everything's going ok for you and that your biggest worry can now be whether or not you'll have to dress your son in pink for the first month or so after birth. :)



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