Is That The Baby S Head

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risingsunset04 - April 12

I was doing a self cervix exam and felt this hard spot (kind of like a baseball) a ways up in my cervix. Is that the baby? or what is it?


Daniella - April 13

Whatever you do, DONT give yourself an internal exam. Its OK for TTC, but not for a progressed pregnancy. If you question it, then you should ask your doctor.


rebecca278 - April 15

Why do you say not to check yourself? If you are doing it with clean hands or gloves, I would think there's even less bacteria than when you're having s_x. I've heard of a lot of women checking themselves, so I'm curious as to why you say this. Thanks. :)


numba1cutie6t9 - April 16

lol. this post is kinda funny. rebecca278 how would u even know what u were looking for if u checked urself? your not a doctor right? THat seems kind of odd that youd even try to do anything. u planning on tryin to see how dialated u were? lol


livdea - April 16

I don't know what to tell you girly...but hopefully someone who does will tell you, honestly what is going on! How far along are you?


Daniella - April 16

rebecca- I say this because she obviously doesn't know what she's looking for to ask a question like that. Checking your cervix is completely different then trying to check for that station of the baby. That a professional needs to do. Wasn't talking bacteria. :)


EricaG - April 16

Daniella's right, doctor's say to never examine yourself like that. I'll bet if her your doctor knew you were doing that s/he wouldn't be happy.


risingsunset04 - April 17

Actually my doctor does know I did it. He wasn't TOO happy about it but said actually he was glad I did because my cervix had changed A LOT since my last appointment and since I went in to see him to ask what I felt, it made him give me exam and he has determined that I am at high risk for preterm delivery. If I hadn't checked myself I wouldn't know how my cervix was doing or have this question to make me go in to the doctor. I could have had my baby before my next appointment! So I am glad I did check myself!


rebecca278 - April 17

numba1cutie6t9, I don't know if I'll try to check myself or not, I just know a lot of women do. I don't think I'd be able to tell how dilated I was because I have nothing to compare it to, but I'd be able to tell if my cervix was softer and more to the front. I don't think you have to be a Dr. to know what you're looking for--it's your body afterall. If you do a little bit of research, you'll know what you're feeling for. During most of pregnancy the cervix is hard, closed, and points to the back, but as your body gets ready for labor it really softens and points down or to the front more. I have a friend who checked herself, and her doctor was fine with it, but it was her third pregnancy and she knew what she was doing. This is my 4th pregnancy, so I feel like I know my body well enough to check, I just don't know if I'm going to or not. Mine would be mostly out of curiosity, and no I'm not a Dr. but am a nursing student who wants to work L&D. :)


rebecca278 - April 17

Daniella, I see what you're saying now. :) Risingsunset04, when are you due? I guess it's a good thing you told your Dr. about what you felt. When you say, "a ways up in my cervix" how far were talking? I wouldn't check yourself anymore because you could irritate the cervix and cause contractions. Good luck and keep that baby baking!! :)


risingsunset04 - April 17

I'm only 34 weeks right now but preterm runs in my family. For the last 16 babies born, 14 of them were 1 of 2 months early (and none of us had an problems). Since that first post, I have checked myself again and am about 2 cm dilated (one finger is a little over 1cm, 2 fingers is 3 cm, 3 fingers is 5 cm, etc) and really effaced (though not sure of percentage...


rebecca278 - April 17

34w is early, but still managable, especially with the medical technology in the nicu's. So I guess if you did go into labor it would be early, but not extremely early like a 28 or 29 weeker.--Man, my babies stay in forever compared to My first was 2 weeks over due, and I was induced with my second and had him right on my due date. I then was a gestational surrogate (carried a baby that wasn't biologically mine) and was induced at 39w5d. I'm 34w3d right now with my own, and I'm hoping that because there will have been only 15 months since the last delivery, maybe he'll come a little early--like 2 weeks. :)


risingsunset04 - April 17

well i had gone into early labor at 29w3d and they put me on this medication to stop the big contractions until I hit at least 34 weeks. so I'm hoping this baby will be born soon considering it seems like she's impatient to get out of there.


Daniella - April 17

risingsunset- Are you trying to have a preterm baby?? If not, you shouldn't irritate your cervix. A doctor usually doesn't like to do an internal exam when you may be at risk for possible preterm labor because each time you stick your fingers up your cervix, you are actually causing it to open more which isn't good to do at 34 weeks. Also, your originial question was asking about the bubs head. Not cervical change. Rebecca- you are totally correct, many woman can and do check their cervix. Just feel around it is fine. Heck, no worse than s_x, but feeling for the babies head needs to be done by a physician. Also, you can feel your cervix without actually sticking your fingers up in it. I would leave it alone if only at 34 weeks though. That is almost like one is trying to have a baby early.


rebecca278 - April 17

OK, my curiosity got the best of me...I tried to feel my cervix while in the shower (yes, clean hands.) I don't think I could try and feel the baby's head even if I wanted to, it was hard enough to reach the external opening of the cervix because of my It was definitely super soft and a little more forward than earlier in the pregnancy, so I guess that's something. My OB will check me at 37 weeks if I ask, otherwise it's not until 38 or 39 weeks. Only 2 1/2 more weeks and I'll know for sure what's going on up there. :)


Daniella - April 17

Rebecca- did you feel a slit in the cervix?? Or was it just soft?? I wouldn't stiick a finger up in it, but I am 3 cm dilated and can tell its open. Also, you are right... you really can't feel the babies head. In fact, my doctor said that she was touching the top of his head at my last apt. and when I feel my cervix, I surely am not in the right position to feel a head. That is something someone else has to feel. Not yourself.


Daniella - April 17

Rebecca- Wow!! I just read your previous post... I give you props for being a surrogate mother. I don't think I could ever do that. You are a strong woman!!! How was that?? and is that what caused you to go on to have another of your own shortly after? Wow, that is wonderful!!! I also was pregnant shortly before this one. Never even had a period in between and got pregnant 5 weeks after the last. Unfortunately the last one ended in a loss. His heartbeat had stopped in the 2nd trimester. Since I got pregnant my first ovulation after that pregnancy, it really feels like I've been pregnant for over a year now. lol



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