Is There A Difference Between Quot Show Quot And Quot Mucus Plug Quot

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jamie - January 25

I know what my mucus plug is. I lost it with my last one, and have lost it with this one (38 weeks) But I went and had my membrains stripped, later that evening I had bloody show. Doc said it could be another two weeks, but i wanted to know if there was a difference?


rachelle - July 23

what color is the bloody show mine was bright red


Heather - July 24

Id like to know also, I lost my plug 2 weeks ago and yesterday I had bloody brownish though coming out. I have started to dialate, friday I was 1cm


Katharine - July 24

I wonder about this too. I lost my plug over a week ago and it was just yellow and wasn't blood-tinged at all. When I had an exam last week, my doctor said I had a bloody show. Is that just any bleeding?


ready4baby - July 30

Hi Jamie, The mucus plug and bloody show can be two different things. You can lose your mucus plug over the last few weeks or in one glob usually during your last month of pregnancy. This mucus plug can be clear in colour with no sign of blood. At a later point, the discharge you usually have may become more plentiful and may have streaks of pink, a little streak of red, or brown. This is the bloody show. It can be confusing because your mucus plug can also have these same colour tinges. It kind of depends on how your mucus plug became dislodged. There will usually be that streak of blood (red, pink, brown) if it was dislodged due to dilation of the cervix (dilation causes tiny blood vessels in the cervix to break). I hope this helps.


dif. Jamie - July 31

So - how long does "bloody show" last? 2 weeks ago, my discharge became thicker, more egg-whitey. I thought that was my plug. Then, Thursday, after having my cervix checked (1 cm dilated, partially effaced), the discharged changed again - chunky and brown. (Really really gross) So - is the 2nd type of discharge my plug, or is it bloody show?


Cara - August 1

I have kind of the same thing going on. Over the last few weeks, I have had a TON of clear snot-like discharge, then last night I notcied it was a tiny bit pink when I wiped and same thing this morning. But then I just went to the bathroom here at work and I had like little globs of reddish-brownish looking snotty discharge. Sorry - this is so gross, but it kind of freaked me out. I am 36 weeks today, so it seems a bit early. But who knows - I sure feel ready! Just an embarra__sing aside, I was picking out paint colors for my son's room and I SWEAR the colors I picked out were the blue of the poor tasts b___ton for the wall and the light blue answer color for the ceiling! LOL! I wonder if I have been spending too much time here? Oh - I also am not really having any pain - just a very dull bachache that stays with me all the time lately. Good luck to you all!


none - August 2



Mandy - August 2

I'm a nurse...but not an OB nurse, so I really don't know much more than the average Joe. But anyway, My understanding is the mucus plug is lost anywhere from 2-4 weeks prior to labor either in one big glob or little ones over a period of time, and this means the cervx is softening."Bloody show" is usually lost within 12-72 hours of labor starting and indicated the cervix is dialating, thus the broken blood vessels. Not everyone gets it or notices it, tho'. My mom had seven of us and said she never saw a bloody show. Who Knows! I had mine this morning and no baby or even contractions yet :(



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