Is There A Way To Do This Unconscious

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Surprised - August 13

OK. This may be long and the formatting here is odd, so please bear with me: I am currently 6 months pregnant with a baby that neither my husband nor myself want. We actively worked against it, so needless to say, this is a surprise. However, because of personal beliefs, we are going to carry to term and give it to someone that wants a baby (adoption). As someone who has NEVER wanted to be pregnant, this is terrifying, and the concepts of birth/epidural/c-sections, etc, are wigging me out like crazy. So, I would like to know if it is possible to be completely unconscious when the birth happens. I don't want to experience any of the "joys" or "miracles". I just want this over and done with. Is there a way to distance yourself from the event like that?


alirenee86 - August 13

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your just sound so gloom and doom. I would think the best way to 'distance' yourself would be to try your best to have a C-section and see if it is possible you can be given something other than an epidural to be 'out of it' at least. I haven't had a c-section so I'm not sure. I hope you have a healthy, happy beautiful baby boy or girl and that he/she finds a very loving home. Your situation is sad for me to read.


alirenee86 - August 13

Oh, and I'd get your tubes tied after this to prevent it from happening again! Becuse the only way to 'actively work against it' is to not have s_x because there's always a small risk no matter what steps you take. An operation like that would surely eliminate any possiblity so you don't have something so unwanted again in the future.


Krissy25 - August 13

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, i know back in the 40's and 50's they use to knock women out for giving birth but that is not practiced anymore. Your best bet is to talk to you doctor and see what you can come up with.


E586467 - August 13

I'm sorry you don't at least want to meat your baby before you give it away. You can ask for a general anaesthetic for your c-section. It will knock you out completely just like it does for any other operation. If the doctor is hesitant about it explain why you want it. Recovery will be harder but at least you won't see or hear the baby. I agree with alirenee86 if you & your husband really don't want children you need to do something more drastic to prevent it, like your tubes tied or a vasectomy for him or both just to make sure.


alirenee86 - August 15

That's funny E- I saw the 'meat' and was laughing to myself...


elyce07 - August 17

this makes me sad to read. i am 20 years old and have a beautiful one year old daughter. i got pregnant when i was 18 and wouldnt change it for the world. having a baby is a blessing. i agree with alirenee you need to get your tubes tied. if you have s_x you know that there is always a chance to get pregnant. your taking that chance and have to live with the outcome. i do hope that baby finds a great home with people with will love he/she. you just dont sound happy at all about bringing life into this world.


Surprised - August 19

To those of you who are sad: Don't be. There is a ton of anger here, but not sadness. I'm going to be giving someone one heck of a Thanksgiving present, so it's not a bad thing from that point of view. ...... As for the tubes: Yes, that and my husband is also being snipped. 20 years of being careful and nothing until I met him. He's definitely replacing the armor piercing rounds with blanks. *grin* ...... Meet/Meat: Well, considering that it's meat that makes the organism run, I can see that mistake...... *grin* Seriously, I've read up on the depressions that are going to occur, no matter what happens. I've also had more crying jags in the last couple of weeks than I have in my entire life. I don't want to meet it once it's born, because I am not going to give myself anything ELSE to be unhappy about. I'm already freaked out enough by the fact that something is living inside of me, sucking the nutrition out of my body for it's own needs. That's scary. ..... However, I am going to do what is needed to make sure that the Thanksgiving gift is the best that it possibly can be.


HiHello - March 15

Suprised, honey, you are a girl after my own heart. I know this is an old thread, but I totally relate and I hope you had a birth that you don't regret. I would be in the same shoes and it's good to know you have an idea of what you want. Good luck, I hope you never have to get pregnant again.


jenna32 - March 31

sucking the nutrition out of you?wow. a baby is a miracle,how can you hate it?that is so sad. i guess this is way late but i have heard of hypnotism works.


jenna32 - March 31

oh another thought, if you hate the baby so much what will be the difference if you are awake during the labor?



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