Is This A Sign Labour Will Begin Soon

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Sam+Bump - November 4 37+1 weeks pregnant with my first baby and this is what i have been getting. Sunday morning(4 days ago) i had slight browny coloured discharge..i explained this to my midwife yesterday at my 37 weeks appointment and she said that would have been a show,also my baby is now 3/5 engaged. Since i had the brown dishcarge(4 days ago) i have been having lots of period type pains in my lower belly and my lower back which come and this a sign that labour could be close??thanx for any replys/help :-D Luv Sam+Bump EDD- 24thNov04


christine - November 4

your mucus plug(show)can go weeks before you actually go into labor, and the pains you are having sound like braxtin hicks contractions which you can start getting early in could mean your going to go soon, but if thats what your hoping for i would try some remadies like having s_x, or drinking rasberry tea.


KM - November 4

Your due date is the same as mine :)


Sam+Bump - November 4

I would try the s_x thing to bring it on but im single and not with babys father so thats out of the Q,lol. Are there any other things any of u know of that can help bring on labour(keeping in mind that it will have to be for me to do on my own)lol. Thanx


Dez - November 4

I tried raspberry tea and it did help bring contractions, all though it didnt put me in labor. I hear nipple stimulation for 20 mins is suppose to work, I tried it twice and it didnt work for me, it didnt even give me contractions. I myself cant do the s_x thing either because my bf knows I am trying to go into labor, and he wants her to stay in as long as possible, lol. plus he says he dont do pregnant chicks, lol that his job is done. also try a long walk, I myself want to but I am super super tired, which is no excuse but its cold here so now i can use that as an excuse, lol. anywayz good luck and keep us posted, and what you have tried, and if and when something works, my due date is nov 16, so lets all see who goes first. ;)


Sam+Bump - November 5

Lol-ok thanx.. I tryed to nipple stimulation last night it was doing something and started me with pains in my lower back and lower stomach again and tightness coming and going but nothing too major and did'nt last very long either..gunna go and have a warm bath now as i hear this helps to relax the muscles in the stomach and then gunna try some more nipple stimulation-lol.. :p I hope this works!!


Ash - November 5

Hey, my due date is Nov 16 too!!!! What are the chances.... Thats so funny... I am 2-3 cm and 70% so I am trying everything too!!! Good luck!


Dez - November 5

I dont know if I am dialated yet, but my dr. is gonna check me on monday, and strip my membranes (which could start labor as soon as that same night) so I hope it works. Good luck everybody, I'll let you know if it worked


Amanda - November 5

I am due November 17 and i am more than ready to have this baby. It is my second and he is already projected to be close to a 9 1/2 pounder. I have tried s_x, long walks, nipple stimulation, and tea. I have even drank castral oil, are there any more suggestions?


KM - November 5

Amanda, castor oil I have heard is very dangerous, as it is a laxative and can have the same effect on the baby causing meconium which can lead to infection. I would let your doctor know that you drank this stuff. and as for allt he things you have tried, im pretty sure ya got it all covered,...don't feel bad nothing is working for me either..I guess baby will just come out when he/she is ready.Maybe ask your doctor to strip your membranes, that is what I am going to do


Mary - November 6

I had the braxton hicks contractions for a while too. You'll know when the real ones start. I took a really long walk and the next morning, I went into labor. I was due June 28, 2003. My daughter was born June 30.



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