Is This It Helping Progress Labor

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Aimee - November 20

I'm 39 weeks pregnant, with my second. Three days ago I started having contractions, for two hours they were between 5, to 4, to 3 minutes apart, then they just stopped. Now for the past two days I've been feeling lots of stomach pains, not contractions, more like menstral pains, and I'm extremely nauseous, almost feels like morning sickness. I feel sharp pains in my lower back and it feels like my pelvis bone is about to break in half. It also feels like I have a bowel movement right about to come out, but it's not, and it's felt like that for a while now. Anyone have any input? I want to have this baby now.


Dez - November 20

Hey aimee, almost everything you just said (except having contractions), is exactly how I am feeling. I am almost 41 weeks. I dont really have any answers for you sorry, but good luck and hopefully labor is close for us. I know that pain you are talking about in your pelvis bone, feels like like your breaking in half. It hurts really bad, and were not even in labor, can you imagine how its gonna feel, lol.


Aimee - November 21

Thanks, good luck to you too.


Rose - December 5

I hope you guys can tell me how long you had to endure those pains, because this is what I am going through now and for the last couple of weeks. I am 38 weeks now, my second baby. First one my water broke at 38 weeks, then 36hrs later I had just under 7 hrs of back labour then a bundle to take home. None of this what, false labour? I am emotional and exhausted, and frustrated. Hopefully you both have had your babies already, so you can offer some hope as to the end of it. I know I am suppose to be bonding and enjoying what will probably be my last pregnancy, and when I get some relief and sleep I feel much husband thinks it will help the labour not be so harsh, or have to do three hours of pushing to get the babe out. Let me know how yours turned out please?!


Aimee - December 6

Hello Rose. I believe I posted that on November 19th, and at 1:00am on November 23rd, my water broke, no contractions but doc still said go to the hospital, nothing happened for six hours, I started to get mild contractions at 6:00am and at 7:00am they gave me something to help the labor along. I started pushing at 9:30 and he came out at 9:45. I had a big healthy boy. 9lbs. 12 oz., 21 1/2 in. So all in all I was only in that horrible pain I was explaining and you are now feeling for about three or four days before I had him. So good luck to you, I can honestly say I know what it's like, and I hope your labor goes as nicely as mine did, let me know.


nessa - December 7

I too am having pains and well i feel much fetter that i am not alone i thought i was just me being me anmd wanting things to go my way like having this over with ! well the end is soon today is my due date and my third and last child whom is a girl can't wait and well what a wonderfull chrismas gift i just wish for it to be hear in my arms and know i have the worst behiund me! i feel all what you ladies have tal;ked about the tightening and pain lower backa , and tenderness unable to sleep and thinking this my be it but realy know ing that i shouldn't be able to talk through the pains . but knowing it will be over soon haelps thanks ladies and hope you all strength !


lola - December 9

aimee- i am 38 weeks pregnant, and omg! i know exactly what your going through. i'm not really feeling contractions, just low pelvic pains. is anybody feeling shortness of breath? or what about numbness in the legs when walking?any good tips on how to get comfy when sleeping? any tips on how to dialate faster. i am ready to have my daughter, and can't take being pregnant any more! please some advice ladies!


niki - December 9

iam 40 +5 days pregnant. and for past 5 days have been having mild and painful contractions on and off, i haven't slept properly in days, and all i do is cry because i feel so unconfortable the pains are up my rectum and lower abdomen,, with backache too. i keep thinking this is it and then they go away only to return later. i have had a bloody show, and midwife says not long now, but it's driving me mad i can't stop getting upset and fed up. my induction date is only in 6 days time. and i have tried s_x,walks, nipple stimulation, hot urries and pineapple, but nothing.even had memrane sweep twice, this is second child my first pregnancy was pretty quick in comparison


Lynne (doula) - December 9

After reading your question Aimee, and the advice to any of you who aren't sure as to what you are feeling is "go get checked". Sometimes you just need the rea__surance of a birth layperson (midwife, doctor, nurse, doula). Good luck to all of you :)



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