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Amy - March 16

Hello. I have been having stronger and more frequent bh contractions the past couple days. Well, today i started having really uncomfortable pains in my back and front. They started out about every 15 to 20 minutes and then basically nonstop. Also, the baby, from what other people have said, has gotten even lower by the looks of my belly and by feeling of my belly. They even said they could see my belly , lower belly, tightening. Is this something i should go ahead and go to the ob about? Could I be in labor? Dilating? I do not know what to do or what to think. Thank you. By the way, I am 34 weeks, due on april 29th.


Rabbits07 - March 17

Amy, I would definitely consult your dr. especially only being 34 weeks...your baby's lungs are most likely not developed. I had preterm labor at almost 34 wks w/ one of mine and it was similar to what you are describing. Your doctor can tell you if you are dilating. you should definitely give them a call...better safe than sorry. (I wish I had read this yesterday when you first posted, please respond and let me know how things are)


Amy - March 18

Hello. Thank you Rabbits. I ended up going to the doctor yesterday morning and everything was just fine. She has moved lower is all. No cure until she is born unless I can stand on my head for all day long lol. Anyhow, later that evening I started having stronger back pains, and trouble getting comfy. I would sit down and then get up to walk. Either way, they would not ease up. Finally, they just got so bad that it hurt to really move. Hubby ran me to the ob and they checked me and everything. The doc came in and said she wanted to keep me over night cuz the babys heart rate was really high. The back pains lasted until about 5:30 in the morning and then finally eased down. I have had dull pains in my back all day but now they seem to be trying to come back. I guess just back labor happening. I am not dilated nor am i effaced that I am aware of. As of the doc's report this morning, everything is just fine. babys heart rate is back down like it should and the pains were not contractions. she checked my cervix i believe 3 times total that i was in there so. I just wish i knew why these back pains are so painful and why they will not go away. I really hope i know if i am going into labor. cuz after last night, i do not know that i will know for sure:( I mean, what do i do if i get these pains this bad again? go ahead and go in and get checked every time? i am just tired of the false alarms. afraid the ob is gettin tired of me:( I guess that anytime i experience unbearable pain i will call and talk with the ob and maybe they will be able to tell by the sound of my voice or something. I was crying the pain was so bad last night when i went in. Also, i just have felt miserable all day today.:(



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