Is This True About Going Into Labor

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Jill - December 17

I read in a book that alot of women that start dilating and effacing few weeks ahead of time without knowing usually don't know they are in labor when it does happen until they are in the transition stage. I started dilating and effacing weeks ago and have been having contractions irregularly. Also been having back labor which is kind of ongoing so I can't time it. I guess I'm just wondering if I should worry about that happening to me since I started weeks ago? I honestly can't tell anymore if I'm just getting used to the pain or not! Oh yeah, I'm due next week.


Lisa - December 17

By this stage you should be seeing your doctor every week? He/she will be able to give you an examination and tell you how many centimetres dilated you are. If the contractions become frequent and you are experiencing back pain, then i would go to the hospital. I am sure once the onset of labour begins you will know


Sharon - August 27

I somewhat disagree and agree with Lisa. It was true with my first that I had a hard time deciding if I was in labor or not with my first since I had been dilated 3cm and 50% effaced a month to the day before having her (I had her at exactly 39 weeks). Here is the thing, take in to consideration how far away your hospital is and if your mom had labors that lasted under a few hours...otherwise when it is true labor and time to go to the hospital you will know! If you can sleep through the contractions I think it is better to stay home. With my first, I waited until I was bleeding before I left for the hospital an hour away, with my second the hospital was only 3 minutes so I purposely waited until transition before I went. First delivery was about 4 hours after I left for hospital, second was two hours. This 3rd one I am again in back pain every night and have started dilating and effacing already. Just enjoy knowing that you will have less pain to go through when active labor hits.



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