It S Not That Bad

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tmm6265 - July 8

I just want to say that I checked this site everyday for weeks before I had my baby and I want to tell my story... This was my first baby and I was induced at 40 weeks (minus 1 day). I was lucky that my doctor would let me induce this early. I was only in labor for 5 hours and I slept through 3 hours (after I had an epidural) My baby almost fell out...I only pushed for 15 minutes. I didn't even have any stiches. I am not a that big of a person. I gained 33 pounds and lost 31 pounds in 2 weeks. I excercised until 2 weeks (aerobics and light weights) before I gave birth. I truley believe this is the reason for my easy labor. I felt fine one week after birth and was back to working out. I was still tired...I still am but I recovered great. I just wanted to let you guys know that now all first labors are hard and besides that...being induced doesn't necessarily mean that you will have more pain. I had absolutely no pain. The worst part was the IV and the epidural and actually...the IV was worse. I was 6 cm before I got an epidural and wasn't even in that much pain. This being said...if you weren't excercising before you became pregnant you shouldn't start something at that time. But...if you did...keep on doing it and I swear it will help. I did the primrose and black cohosh but honestly...if you aren't ready it just won't happen. I believe I probably would have went 42 weeks if I hadn't been induced because I experienced contractions and all of the pains you guys talk about weeks before my labor. Anyway...I just wanted to tell my story because it is rare that you ever hear anything positive at this point. Good Luck!


April - July 8

Good story, I'm glad labor was so easy for you! I hope it goes that way for me :) One thing I'd like to point out, though, is for anyone who wasn't exercising before they got pregnant, talk to your doctor before you start an exercise program. Just to be safe. They really do say exercise makes labor go easier, but if you're not used to it, you can harm the baby. Walking and swimming are usually the best forms of exercise when you're pregnant.


April 2 - July 9

I had a home birth with my first and it wasn't that bad either. It wasn't painless though. Just wondering why if you had absolutely no pain you felt the need for medical intervention with an epidural?


Kate - July 9

With my first child and labor...I didn't exercise at all and my labor was an hour and 46 minutes. Three pushes and out came my son. No epidural or pain medication. I weighed 120 my last month of pregnancy so I'm small. We are all different with pregnancys but I'm glad your labor went well for you!



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