It WAS Labour Welcome BabySage

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BabySage - May 29

Baby Sage is here! He was born after a full 24 hours of labour (including the early labour)! o.O I had my first early labour pain at 9:30am Monday morning, and he arrived at 9:28am Tuesday morning ON my due date! My little guy was 6Lbs 5oz & hurt like a bugger on his way out. My heavy regular contractions started around 9pm on Monday, and were 10 minutes apart until around 2am. they quickened to 5 minutes apart and stayed that way until 7am. At around 4am I called the hospital to see if I should come in and they told me to wait until they were 4 mins apart as I live 5-10 minutes from the hospital & I would be sent home if I came in. At around 7 I called my mom to help me talk through the pain, and within 10 minutes of bein on the phone the contractions went to 3 minutes apart. (where was the 4 minute period where I was supposed to go to hospital?) I got off the phone after I noticed my contractions were staying 3 minutes apart and we got a friend to come pick us up and take me and hubby to the hospital. It took him less that fifteen minutes to get to us and in that time my contractions were 2 minutes apart. (we are now at about 10 to 9 Tuesday morning). When I got to the hospital I went straight to Triage where they checked me and asked if I wanted epidural. I said I did. I was 6cm Dialated. They told me they would have to take me to Labour&Deliv. right away to do it and that the doc doing it was finishing one and coming in to me. well they grabbed a wheelchair and took me the 50 feet to the delivery room. The doc for epi came to check if he had the right room and then went back to get scrubbed. The doctor doing the delivery (my OB was on his way to work) helped me onto the bed and checked me again. When she checked (remember ladies we are about 6-7 minutes from the time I got to hospital). I was 9 cm. She could already see the baby's head. (no wonder I was in so much pain--he was on the bloody way out already) When the doc for epi came back in she told him no time. She broke my water (which felt like when you jump into a warm swimming pool) and asked me did I need to push. I said I did. She said then push!. Boy did it burn when he came out, I felt like I was on FIRE down there. When his head was out they saw his umbilical cord was around his neck. It wasn't super tight but they had to cut it to get it off before he was all the way out. When his shoulders were out and he just slid the rest of the way it was an Amazing feeling. It was like most of the pain and all the pressure I was feeling just VANISHED. I even said "boy that felt good" and made the doc & nurses many women during Natural birth say something feels good? 2 minutes later they delivered the placenta. It was one easy push and it was out. It felt like a large smooshie jelly bean. Well Sage was born with a full head of hair. He whimpered for a sec and then he was quiet until late into the afternoon. They had to cut me or I would have torn into my r___m (sry tmi) so I have some st_tches. Only 2 external but I don't know how many internal I have. Sitting really hurts and sneezing and coughing too! I was only in the hospital until early the next afternoon. My baby is very quiet and he is eating well. They are monitoring his weight as he lost 3 ounces since birth which is a little more than they like. But he is alert so they are not too worried. He looks a lot like his daddy but has my fingers and toes. For future children I probably wont take the epidural but who knows. He was much more alert than babies I have seen after epi. I really think It makes a difference. However for future children I don't think I will have any until I fog over about the pain Just a little! Well I just thought I would share.


KellynJ - May 29

Congrats! It is a little wierd that you said it felt good through all that pain.. what a strong mommy :) hope everything goes great for you "hubby" and baby sage


HannahBaby - May 29

Congrats!! Thats the kind of labor i am praying for as i was induced with my first. I said that same exact thing when my daughter was finally out, i was like "wow, that sucked but i feel like a million bucks!!" thats why i never want a csection!!


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 29

CONGRATULATIONS! I had my baby girl Friday, exactly one week early!!!


^lucy^ - May 30

congrats babysage!! its a wonderful story.. i had my baby girl may 16th naturally without any drugs and i went from 1.5 cm to a full 10 in 6 hrs!! i almost delivered in the hall on the way to delivery room.. and YES it's a great feeling after u deliver the baby.. i felt so good after she came out :)



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