Just Curious Did Your Water Break

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Amie - August 9

How many women have had their water break? (not do to inducing) Any embarrassing stories? Does it come in a gush or small amounts.....?


Missy - August 9

My water breaking was a strange story. I had done all of the things I knew to naturally induce labor. I gave up and went to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I felt a trickle. I went to the bathroom and realized I wasn't peeing on myself. When I walked into the kitchen to tell my mother, she was painting birdhouses with my father and godmother. They just looked at me like nothing was going on. All at once I pa__sed my plug and started contracting as well. My father sat there while I gushed like a stuck pig--literally filling 6 towels. Finally he stood up and said he needed to take a shower before we left. Then he had the nerve to b__w dry his hair. I was standing there in pain and screaming "it doesn't take two hours to b__w dry three stands of hair!" By the time we were outside and in the car I was freezing on top of everything else, because it was February 2nd.


miranda - August 9

Mine gushed. I was being induced for preeclampsia and they hadn't even done anything yet and I just gushed everywhere, like a dam breaking. I was sitting up, too, and they say you will only gush if laying down. The nurse came in and said "well, I guess this would have been the night anyway!"


Tina - August 10

I was in the supermarket and i was in the baby section with my boyfriend and my water broke and it went all over and some little kid says to his mom "i think that lady needs a new diaper"


Eva - August 10

with my first son my water broke, from my expeirence does not hurt. i got up in the morning went bathroom, got up and hot water came down my legs after that was blood went to hospital and sure enough i was ready i did not have any contraction untill later.


Tracey - August 10

My water broke at home on a Sat. evening. We were supposed to have dinner with friends at 6, stood up at 5:45 to leave and my water broke. For me it wasn't really a gush, but a continuous heavy trickle (there was no mistaking it). I ran to the bathroom before it had a chance to seep through my pants. I had been wearing a pantyliner due to excessive discharge anyway so that caught most of it. I had my husband bring me a pad and off we went to the hospital. I think the grossest part of the whole thing was that it doesn't gush just once. Once we got the hospital, I would leak every time I tried to move so I sat with a towel between my legs since they would't let me put on underwear. Not a very exciting story, but it was strange for me since I didn't foresee it coming it just happened all the sudden. The worst part was a I was REALLY looking forward to having dinner with our friends. He was making homemade spaghetti and I had been craving it ALL day.


Shannan - August 16

My water broke in the middle of the night. I woke up thinking I was peeing the bed, so I ran to the bathroom, but before I could get there, I felt a gush! I still thought I was peeing and sat on the toilet only to realize that I was not peeing at all !


dani - August 16

I've had 2 non induced labors and they never broke on their own.



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