Just Had My Baby 6 Wks Early

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BaybeeGirl82500 - November 26

Hi, I have wrote on this board before asking about my labor questions. I went into labor at 26 wks and 33 weeks and they stopped it both times. This time though, little Brady decided he was coming and my water broke Nov 21st at 7:15am. Didnt have him until 1:20am the next mornin. Come to find out I had a ring of scar tissue aroundmy cervix, that since I went pre-term at 26 wks not 1 single DR seemed to notice. I was dialated for 8 wks to 1cm and was checked every weekd va___ally and they only found it when I was in labor this time. Needless to say I went on the epidural at 11am, started throwing up profusely at 4pm and got phenergen and than passed out from 5pm-12am. They had e overdosed on epidural and phenergen. I got put on oxygen at 9pm because his heart was doing variables and my blood pressure dropped down around 80/46. I couldnt breathe hardly. Well after the doc ripped my scar tissue in half at 12am I dialated immediately and deliveded my little man, Brady Quinn at 4lbs 11 ounces 19 inches long. He is in NICU and doing good. He ha jaundice and is under the ili-lights, and he has started eating real good on his own, only needed the gav tube 2 times to eat. He is eating 40-45 cc's ever 3 hours. It is scary and stressful, and most of all it hurts to be home with him at the NICU. If you have any questions ask. And if you ever doubt your water has broke, trust me if you fee a gush its the water. I have 2 little girls with whom my water never broke, and this time it did, and wow i knew it.


Shell - November 30

Best wishes to you and your little man. My water breaking was only 1 drop of clear liquid and I also wondered about the gushing thing.. Best of luck for bubby to be home with you soon..


Ameigh - November 30

aww thats so good to hear hes doing good! best wishes and good luck


to baybeegirl - December 1

congratulations on the birth of your precious son.I have a question,you say you had the epidural about 4hours after labour started.I was hoping you could tell me what the pain,and feelings was like before you got help,did it feel like period pains,on off? Were you feeling ok when you got to the hospital?As for overdosing you,I bet that was so scary.Could you feel the baby coming out,I'm so scared of that bit.Lastly,any st_tches?are you ok now?



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