Kicking Down Low

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Vickie - June 27

I am 26 weeks and I am felling the baby kicking really low, almost like I could put my hand at my private and feel his little feet. I don't feel it all the time. I'm probably just being paranoid. I have had two preg. end at 26 and 27 weeks with both babies not surviving. Is it normal to feel the kisking so low?


also wondering - June 27

I am wondering the same thing... I am 24 weeks and it hurts when I feel it that low. Other moms have told me its just the baby shifting and causing the muscles to pull.


AMK - June 28

i was told that what i was feeling in that area was actually a reverberation from hiccups!


Vickie - June 30

Well I haven't felt it in a few days now so maybe I'm just being paranoid. Thank you for your responses. Hope everything goes well for ya'll.


nelly - June 30

This is my 2nd pregnancy and I never had it with my first but with this one sometimes when she moves I swear it feels like she is coming out like if I stand up she'll fall out. I know thats not going to happen but thats what it feels like. I have not been concerned seeing how I have been feeling this well over two months and I am going on 37 weeks now.


Jack's mom-to-be - July 5

I am also 26 weeks and just this morning am having the same thing. It really alarmed me. It feels like a bubble or a small kick or something very low.... I had some tightening of the uterus last week and am worried that this could somehow mean premature labor or something. Anyone have any clue? It does not feel like he is just hiccupping. Cheers, Lisa


kim - July 7

My first baby was so low that I felt the same way. He would kick my bladder and make me wet on myself. He is now 6, so it was normal for me. Hope this helps and best of luck!!


ash - July 8

Don't worry! I am 37 weeks and my baby has been kicking down low since I was about 23-24 weeks. I have had a totally normal pregnancy. Just to warn you, the pain only gets worse from the kicks as your little one gets bigger and stronger. Also, the more you stress yourself out about it, the worse it is for your baby. So relax and enjoy your pregnancy! Good luck!


tmm6265 - July 8

Even though I was carrying high...I felt the same thing. It's OK.. Be glad..that means she is going where she/he is supposed to!


Stacey - July 26

dont worry i am 26 weeks now and i have the same


Question - November 7

If you are in your third trimester is you feel this kicking does that mean you are about to go in labor.


yeah - November 12

Mines also feel like bubbles and small jabs like your eye jumping down. I thought it might be gas.


NiCole - November 12

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I feel that all the time. I hate to say it has gotten a little worse. My doctors say now it is the baby's head getting into position in my pelvis. It is worse when I'm sitting.


bump - November 12



Rachel - November 14

I'm 27 weeks and I've always felt my baby kick low, he's perfectly fine, but breech, so maybe your baby is breech too.


Monica - December 2

I am 27 weeks and my baby has been kicking me down low since I was about 22 weeks. I was expecting to feel the "fluttering feeling" or "b___tlerflies" but instead had these sharp jabs in my groin area, it felt as if she was going to kick her way out, but it is apparently quite normal if the baby is lying breech


me - December 6

Vickie - sorry to hear about your loses, but what caused them to end so late in pregnancy?



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