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april - September 5

how can i make myself go into labor?


lisa - July 13

stimulate your nipples, s_x with an oragasim and castrol oil


Dawn - July 14

I always thought when u have s_x a couple weeks or a month before ur due isnt good? am i wrong?


SaRaH - July 16

I drank castor oil 2 times when i was so desperate to have my son!! That c___p is for the birds!! It is so nasty and all it does is make u poop and throw up for hours!! Not good advice!!


Emma G - August 16

me and my partner had s_x on saturday night i started to get pains. I went to hospital and found i was 2cm dilated...BUT the baby still hasnt been born yet!


Sunny - August 28

I have tried s_x, nipple stimulation, and now castrol oil and no baby. Still very pregnant and misserable!!


Lori - September 4

There is nothing that can be done to make the baby come until He/ She is READY


manda - September 5

s_x s_x s_x s_x s_x s_x and more s_x. Thats what worked for me


heidi - January 15

i'm misserable and just wish he'd come out. my husband just left for the army, and i'm lonely, and this baby is way past due!


salie - January 16

heidi, when was your due date? do you need someone to talk to so you wont be so lonely? if so please email me at [email protected] good luck


Christi - April 11

I am almost 40 weeks. I have tried castor oil, it made my contractions more intense, but not enough for labor and made me stay on the toilet. I've had more s_x in the last month than I've had all year long and it hasn't helped. I drank raspberry tea, it did absolutely nothing for me. Wlking helped the contractions become intense and close together, but they stopped after being at the hospital for 8 hours. I've recently tried the nipple stimulation, but don't know any results yet! Hopefully something helps me and the rest of you. I am miserable and can't sleep too! Good luck and I hope all of us have our babies soon.


Ginger - May 22

Well, from all of your answers, I guess I just have to wait!!


rebecca - June 6

have s_x


Shay - February 13

Nothing is working for me I've tried walking s_x and more s_x and nothing is working I guess you just have to let nature take it's course



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