Labor Anxiety

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Jennie73 - December 14

I'm 36 weeks and have had a fairly easy the due date approaches (January 8th), I'm getting more and more nervous about when I go into labor. This is my first baby and I have a high tolerance for pain, but I'm afraid I'll freak out when it's the real thing. My mom had all five of hers va___ally and she had fairly quick labors. I hope I inherit her luck. Her longest labor was about 5 1/2 hours. I wanted to sign up for a Lamaze class, but I called the hospital twice and had to leave a message and no one ever returned my call. Now it's too late to get a class. I've read as much stuff as I can about labor, but I still get worried every once in a while. Is there anything I can do to reduce my anxiety? I'm allowed to have 3 people with me in the delivery room and I'm planning on having my mom, my husband and my mother-in-law. I just don't want them to see me in so much pain or panicking. I don't know why I'm suddenly feeling so overwhelmed...I just am.


paulalu - December 14

Every labour is different so try not to panic. Are you sure you want 3 people with you - do you not feel that you have to 'perform' and that this may be adding to your anxiety? And how will you feel if things go wrong? I would get your birth partners together a.s.a.p. and discuss a birth plan so that they know what you want, and let them know that you are anxious. a__sign each of them a job so that they aren't just sat there like a football crowd staring, and make sure that if any problems arise that one of them (I would suggest your husband) has the final say making decisions. You don't want then arguing about decisions at such an important time and making you even more anxious. Also, I would make it clear that if you change your mind at any time and want any individuals to leave the room, that you want to be respected for that. Also, set rules on who hugs baby first, etc. now. Hopefully, you'll have lots of support and be well looked after. Remember, it's your special time.


rhonda - December 14

its ok i am due the 26th and i am starting to get scared too. I am nervous becasue its my first and i am not sure how much it will hurt and if i wll be able to handle it. i can tolerate pain as well but i dont know how bad this will hurt. i am 38.5 wks and have not even started to dialate a little and i have not lost my mucus plug. and i am worried about when he comes out, what if i dont ever him him cry. I cant beleive i will be a mom in just a few days. . well good luck


Sarah D - December 14

Hi Jennie73, I am due January 8th as well! Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl? I am anxious as well but more excited than anxious. I am having only my husband in the delivery room...I did not want my Mom or my Mom in law in the same room for fear they would judge me on my demeanor throughout labor based on their own experiences. I feel excited that my husband and I are going to be on this exciting adventure together without anyone who has preconceived notions on what should transpire during labor. But remember Jennie Every Labor is different so do not let anyone control or judge YOUR EXPERIENCE. Oh by the way we took a cla__s and we have already forgotten everything...I think reading a book or two on labor should be just fine. I would not worry about that...the only reason we took the cla__s was because it was mandatory at the hospital if my husband was to attend the delivery...otherwise we probably would not have taken the cla__s.


Gina - December 14

Jennie - everyone I've ever talked to swears that they forgot everything they learned in the birthing cla__s once they went into labor anyways! Don't worry, there are tons of women who don't take the cla__s who do just great!


Gina - December 14

Meant to add - let your doctor and nursing staff know beforehand that you didn't take a cla__s, and they will certainly do everything they can to help you along the way.



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