Labor Getting Closer

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Krysti - October 14

Hi, I'm 38 weeks pregnant and experiencing more frequent contractions (especially at night), cramping (menstrual - like), nausea, diarrhea, and an increase in va___al discharge. Are these signs that labor is right around the corner?


noams - October 16

Yes they all are signs that your body is getting ready. But you labor may still be a few weeks away, if you have had a bloody show it may be closer


dj - October 17

Yep, start getting your nest in order!!! noams is right, you may have a bit of time, but your body is doing it's amazing preparations right now! Good luck and healthy birthing!


Krysti - October 20

Today at my doctor appointment, I found out that I am 1 cm dialated, and 80% effaced. My doctor did said that it's normal in first time pregnancies to not dialate much until labor has started - I'm really hoping this means something is about to happen (labor - wise), but I'm not sure!?


lisa - October 20

krysti, im so glad i read your doc says ok not to dilate much till in labour, ive read so many women who are 3cm for weeks before birth, im due tommorow and 1cm, i was starting to think my body wasnt capable of going into labour


Ashlie - October 21

I was dialated to 2cm at 38wks with my first son and ended up being induced at 41wks. After they broke my water my cervix still did not want to dialate and I had to have pitocin. Now with my 2nd son I am being induced next week (39wks) and am most likely going straight on pitocin because I am only a fingertip dialated which I have been for over a month now, I am really worried about not dialating again and the chance that I could have a c-section scare me, but Lisa, some women's bodys are stubborn (like my cervix) the only way to tell is after you go into labor (even if you have to be induced) My doc and I are agree that my body doesnt know how to go into labor on its own, she had me try multiple ways to self induce and when they did the ultrasound 2 days ago the baby isnt even into the birth ca___l yet. But everything will go fine with you im sure, your already 1cm thats a tenth of the way to go and if you dont go any further after your in labor ask for pitocin :)



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