Labor Induction Scheduled Anyone Been Through This

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alirenee86 - October 3

So I have an induction scheduled for Tuesday Oct. 7th. This is my 2nd baby and my first came last year, one day before the due date so I expected the same with this pregnancy. This induction will be one week past my due date and I'm SO hoping to go this weekend. I had a very, very fast 1st labor completely naturally in a hospital- no epi, 4.5 hours total labor with a single push. I'm very nervous with everything I've heard about Pitocin and possible emergency c-sections. I was hoping to avoid an epi again (just scared of it for some reason) but afraid of the unpredictability of the induction...anyone been through an induction or know of anyone who has that wants to share their experiences? Thanks so much!


kimberly - October 3

With my first I labored at home for 2 days and never had regular contractions, so after 2 nights with no sleep I went to the hospital. My Dr. just broke my water as soon as he checked me and said I was in labor but not progressing enough on my own. So he started pitocin, this was about 8 am, I labored all day and had him at 9:29 pm on Halloween. So it was a long labor. My second came on his own but I did have pitocin at the end because my contractions were weak. I got the epi with him, I just couldn't bare the pain after they broke my water. My labor with him was 8 hours start to finish. With my 3rd I was induced because I had issues with my kidneys (stones and infections) at 37 weeks. I went in about 6 am and they started pitocin. My contractions didn't seem that strong so they kept uping the dose, finally about 1 am she was low enough he could break my water, I must have had gallons. lol! Then the real pain started. I was so uncomfortable because they had a cathiter (sp), fetal monitor, blood pressure cuff, IV, and I had to have the oxygen mask because her heartrate was slow. She was finally born at 4:59 pm last year Aug. 16th. The cord was around her neck 3 times, hince the reason for all the monitors and stuff though. Good Luck, and congrats to you and your family!


lunamoo - October 5

Why do they want to induce....?!?!?


anthonettedaviis - October 5

Well I haven't been induced this is my first and im schedule to get induced tuesday too.


kadybaby - October 6

My baby boy (first child) was born July 31st 2008 after inducing labor, I to was a wk over. I was in labor for 16hrs and pushed 2hrs & 15 mins. I did have an epi about 3hrs in to labor & they broke my water 4 hrs in to. Honestly labor is definatly one of those things you are nieve about until you are there!! I have always heard that once you have had a baby subsequent labors can be easy, since your 1st was, hopefully this will go quick for you! You never know, I think each delivery has its own 'special" story Good luck to you. Prayers for you and you little one



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