Labor Questions

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daneda - March 19

i am 38 weeks pregnant and i really dont know what cntractions feel like the hospital said everytime i went in to labor and divilery that i have a madd uturis and i would know when the actual contractions would hit. for the past few days i have been trying to naturally induce labor befor my doctor induces me and i have been cramping real bad in my lower back and i have had lower stomach pains and my tummy has been getting hard and really doesn't relax. Are these signs of labor or is it the fake comtrations?


SaraH - March 19

It could be labor but it could be false too. I've had a lot of BH's contractions and some of them hurt in my back/pelvis upper abdomen etc. I even went to labor and delivery last week because I had bad contractions for 15+ hours that were 5 minutes apart and it was false labor. I think it's probably safe to say you'll realize that you're in labor. Your stomach will get really hard (put your hand on your stomach and it should get rock hard then relax after a few minutes ---sometimes you'll feel were it doesn't seem to get soft again but move your hand around on your stomach. Often were the baby’s b___t is will feel hard to me all the time but other areas will be soft. So feel around. A true contraction will make every where hard and will ease up after a couple minutes). I've also been having the cramping in my back the last couple weeks and that can mean labor is beginning but it could also just be your body getting ready. Just pay attention to the contractions (use your hand to feel them, a true labor contraction will start up high by your ribs and you will probably feel pressure in you lower abdomen as it pushes the baby down against your cervix to help dilate it) if the contractions get close together and harder as time pa__ses you should go into labor and delivery. If they don't get harder or closer together it's probably false. If you start to leak any fluid make sure you go into labor and delivery too, even if the contractions don't get worse. Good luck.


eaduhon - March 20

Hi, I am 34 1/2 weeks pregnant. Today I have had several BMs that went from being almost normal to diahreah(sp?). Also, for the last several hours, I have had what felt like gas cramps that have been painful at times to the point of me not being able to breath very well to just feeling as if someone was squeezing my stomach. Every time I have felt one of these sensations, it has been a tightening, but they were not all that painful. I also have not pa__sed any gas. For the last hour or so, I have had a pretty strong headache. Also, I have been able to feel my son move during most of the evening. If this is labor, can he still move? During the course of the evening, some of the sensations have felt like they started at the bottom of my stomach and worked there way up, while most of them felt like they started at the top of my stomach and worked there way down. What is this? Am I in labor? Please, if any one can help me, I would appreciate it. I've also gotten spurts of energy at different points during the day. I've also been burping for most of the evening, but it doesn't relieve the pressure in my stomach. It's mostly just uncomfortable, and makes it very difficult to breath. But there have been a couple every once in a while that hurt. Thank you to anyone who can help me. Eva


kvilendrer - March 30

You won't necessarily know when you're in labor. I went to the hospital 4 times swearing that I was in labor. When I actually went into labor, I had no idea. I was on my way to the hospital to be induced, and when I got there, they said I was 4-5 cm dilated. I had no idea. They all felt the same to me. My bh were actually quite painful to me.


tyler0323 - March 31

contractions feel alot like your mentral cramps do. both times i went into labor, my pain was centered in my lower back and not once in the abdomen. If you find the pains are coming at regular intervals, and you are struggling to breathe through them, or cant walk or talk through them, then the chances are labor has begun. when the pains become around 5 minutes apart and a minute long, then time to go to the hospital.


MichelleB - April 3

I had gas like cramps, then realized that they were coming and going regularily. They got progressively worse, and moved to my hips, where I felt teh rest of my contractions until transition. I think the pain of contractions can be felt in different places. I knew mine were real because they were regular and peaked, like climbing a could feel it coming, getting worse, peaking, and then gradually going away. Hopefully you had your baby by now!


[email protected] - April 12

You really will know when you are in Labour, the pain is like nothing you will have felt before, if this is your first. I think it feels like been winded, you know that feeling when you get hit in your stomach and you lose your breath and feel like you cant breathe, well the pain is like that but you can breath normally and the pain keeps coming, it feels totally different to braxton hicks I thought. I asked the same questions as you before I had my daughter 6 weeks ago and until it happens no one will be able to tell you what its like. Just enjoy every moment, its fab. I loved it.



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