Labor Without Pain Is This Possible

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Harley_Chick_489 - May 4

I went to the doctors on May 2nd and they checked me and to me I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. She asked me what day next week I wanted to come in to deliver, I said I wanted to see if I would on my on. She agreed. I am 38w2d along and I think I may have lost my plug today. I have alot of pressure like pains in my pelvic area, around my hind end and in my back. Sometimes unbearable. I also get these sharp sharp pains that feel almost like the baby is punching me in my va___a. It stops me in my tracks. I was wondering if it is possible for me to be dilated at a 4 or 5 now and where I should be at the hospital and not feeling any pains really what so ever. This is my second pregnancy. I was also wondering if that was my mucous plug that I lost this morning, It was a yellow green color and quite a bit came out, it looked like a giant loogie, (sorry TMI) and right afterwards I started to get the sharp pains in my va___a.


Heather L - May 4

It is possible. That is exactly how I have been feeling. I was due yesterday and I have been 3cm dilated for over two weeks. I've had alot of contractions....not always painful at all, so I could be more dilated by now. *shrug* My mom went to the hospital with me (26 yrs ago) cause her plug had come away and they made her stay cause she was already 5cm dilated and had had NO pain or contractions that she knew. If you are worried, go and see the dr. :) Good luck!


Harley_Chick_489 - May 4

Thank you I might just do that sometime today. Im just glad that Im not alone and actually have ppl that are expieriencing the same thing as me to talk to and compare stories with. Thanks Alot Heather L.


Been There - May 4

I know someone who barely labored for 2 hours and really wasn't in much pain. I wish that had been me. But I've heard of laboring without much or little pain.


AppleCake - May 5

Pain in labour (providing it is a delivery with no "special circ_mstances") is linked to fear and how we in the western world perceive that childbirth must be. Do a search on hypnobirthing, you will read many encouraging stories of women who give birth with very little or no pain.


oz - May 6

my mum is a major wimp and wont even get her ears pierced as she thinks it will hurt too much however she had 4 kids. I have asked her numerous times how she put up with 4 labours if she cant handle pain and she said she wasnt really in pain it was just alot of pressure and discomfort but not real pain. I have no idea if this is true as i have never given birth but i do agree with AppleCake that they say pain is fear related. Look up hypnobirthing as it so interesting.


Chem400 - May 6

My friend's daughter who is small, had no labor pain and not even a tylenol. She had a 7 pound baby in about 3 hours from water breaking and all she said was she felt "pressure" down there and then one time she said she felt a burning when the head was coming out. A few st_tches, home the next day without a complaint nor a single pain pill of any kind. Now that is how labor should be!


jordansmom1003 - May 7

It can definately happen. A friend of my mothers had her second child with absolutely no pain. She didnt go to the hospital when she was having contractions, (she didn't know she was in labor) Luckily her husband noticed she was acting strange, (she was way into the cleaning and such wouldnt eat but wouldn't stop moving around) so he took her to hospital to be checked out after they ate dinner, sure enough, Matt was born while she was standing up, literally. He was already coming out of her, she had no pain at all.



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