Labour And Your Storys

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becca - February 13

hi, i have 2 weeks and 6 days to go and i am really scared about the labour and birth but i no its gunna happen so i have excepted it i was just wondering if you could tell me whats its like and is it really as bad as every one says it is i want and epedural but i am terrified of needle's so if you could just tell me your storys it would really help thank you o yea and will it be worse/harder/longer because im only 15. if your here to throw insults at me for my age dont bother ive heard them all before :)this is my first


salie - February 13

hey becca, how are you doing? do you have msn messenger? if so i can explain things more clearly. good luck. you are going to be fine.


tanya - February 13

i have a 3yr old boy, i was 17 when he was born, My labour was 18hrs long, 14 of which were with no drugs. It started in the evening, didnt hurt then, all i did was lay down try to rest by midnight, they were bad, at the hospital all i did was walk it seemd to help, and sit in the shower to let the hot water beat on my stomach, that was the best. i had an student delivery my DS not fun, but had an episiotomy, it hurt the worst for me when he was coming out, like fire. but once he was in my arms, i forgot everything. No need to worry, you will do great, and like i said, you really dont remember after exactly what it feels like, that's why many of us go for number two or three then wonder what the heck we were thinking at labour time. sorry for rambling, but trust me, you will do amazing.good luck


becca - February 14

thanx tanya :) salie yes i do have messanger my email is [email protected]


Maleficent - February 14

don't worry about the epidural. they will numb you up first. when i got mine put in they did it during a contraction, i didn't even feel the needle becasue the contraction felt worse. my advice is don't look at the needle. i'm pregnant with my 3rd baby and i still have no idea what an epidural needle looks like. and i don't intend to ever find out. the pain of childbirth is temporary. just keep telling yourself it's all going to end soon. it will. as soon as the baby comes out it compleatly stops. your going to be fine.


shana - February 14

Remember that pain no matter how bad it is it is a temperary thing. Thats how i am keeping myself sain. I am 37 weeks pregnant and 18years old. I just hope you keep it together and keep ypur head on your shoulders, not just for you but for your baby too. Though this is my first child as well, I can guarentee that in the end the pain wont matter and it will just be a probably faint memory. but remember while you are in pain that it is only temperary, and your doing it for your baby. Good Luck!! keep us updated.


becca - February 17

thanx if you could keep them coming


To becca - February 17

I am 39 weeks pregnant with my second right now and the waiting is killing me!! With my first, I was induced 6 days past the due date. They admitted me into the hospital at 8am and started a fluid IV (because I was dehydrated). At 9am, they started a Pitocin drip IV- this is what they use to medically begin your labor/contractions. From 9 until 1pm, I had contractions but they were not that bad- like a tightening up of all the muscles in your tummy/abdomen and slight menstrual cramps. At 1pm, they broke my water and increased the Pitocin to get things moving faster. The contractions started to get really intense and painful within an hour so I got an intrathecal (just like an epidural but you can feel your legs). This lasts anywhere between 2-4 hours. For me, it lasted 2. They gave me another intrathecal and left a small shunt in my back. This was due to the fact that they can only do 2 intrathecals and then you have to go on to an epidural. They leave the shunt so that you don't have to be poked with the needle again- they just administer it right thru the shunt. The needle pokes did not really hurt much at all- no worse than a mild bee sting I'd say. Within a short amount of time, I was on cloud pain at all. I could watch my contractions coming and going on the monitor but no pain. When it was time to push, the 2nd intrathecal was just wearing off. There was enough left in me though that I could feel the pressure of pushing- but no pain. My son was born at 7:21pm and the worst pain for me was recovery- it just hurts to sit for awhile but having your new baby with you is a huge distraction and it's all manageable. Every labor goes differently though- here's hoping yours goes smoothly with minimal pain.


Tammy - February 18

I have had 2 babies and am due any day now with my 3rd.My 1st baby was easier to deliver then my last one..I dont know why but it was.I think it was because I was younger andtherefore in better shape then I am in now.Maybe that will make things easier for you because you have youth on your side but usually 1st babies can be a bit more challenging as far as longer labors because your body has never been through labor before.The main thing is do lots of reading so you understand the stages of labour and not to be afraid of it.Its important to relax and let nature take over.It really isn't that bad at all when you think about it afterwards.Of course its not easy but you will get through it.I hope the best for you and your baby...Good Luck! =)


Katrina - February 19

I had a baby at 15. MY experience wasn't bad at all, but every woman is different. My doctor induced me at 39 weeks. I went in to the hospital that morning, doctor started the pitocin around 8:30, and I had my first son at 4:45 that afternoon. I had the epidural also. It was wonderful. LOL! My son weighed 7lbs. 13 oz, and was as healthy as can be. He is now 6 years old, and I am pregnant with baby #4, due in 4 weeks. Good luck to you. I hope all goes well.


momof3 - February 22

becca, every woman is different. When I had my first child I was 16. I did not even know I was in labor. I was swiching OBGYN's and it was my first appointment with the new doctor. I remember I wanted to go to the bathroom (pee) before the exam. I kept on telling my husband some thing does not feel right. It felt like I had to pee but nothing was coming out. Well the nurse said lets check you out. so She did and I was four cm dilated. I did not feel much until they broke my water. then the contractions begun. I really did not feel uncomfortable until about one hour before I started to push. my appointment was at 11:00am I had my son at 11:36pm. Now my two girls i was induced. I liked that because they came really fast *note you do have back to back contractions though. with one I was inducted about 8am I had her at 2:25pm the other I was induced around 8:00 I had her at 2:35pm I hope this helps you out.


becca - February 24

yea thanx it does it kinda prepares me :)


Kim - March 5

have the epedural its wounderful


Sindy - March 10

Im in the same boat as you, cept im a first time Mum at 35. For me its the fear of the unknown. Read up as much as you can, and don't listen to the horror stories people tell you. I don't understand why they do that. I know everyones experience is different. Do let us know how you get on. Take Care Sindy.


Emma - March 11

Hi i wonder if anyone can help me. I was due yesterday an now face a 2 week wait before they will induce me, unless he arrives beforehand obviously. Does anyone know a way i could persuade them to induce me sooner, cant face waitin any longer! Thank u.


Kathy - March 15

Stop listening to other peoples horror stories because I bet not one of them have said how wonderful it is to give birth and that every contraction is worth it when you see the end results


shalom - March 18

I still don't see labor or delivery as a wonderful thing, if I could have my own baby without having to give birth I would. In other words, delivery might have been more "wonderful" if I was dad. The best part of it was that it was over, the next best part was that I had a baby.



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