Labour Tips

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Ellie - November 14

Not so much a question as a place to put your labour tips. I Just had my daughter on october 25th and wanted to share some of the things I learnt -WALK LOTS DURING LABOUR, I walked through almost every single one of my contractions just walked back and forth in the hospital room and they were alot easier to take then sitting or standing or on the birthing ball in the shower with hot water, and staying on the bed was never an option for me. -STAY HYDRATED AND EAT - you may have to get an IV if you dont do this (IV was never an option for me because im scared of needles) -DO SOMETHING TO DISTRCT YOU me and my doula played cards while i was in labour (something simple that doesnt take alot of thought, like War) when my contractions came on I would just get up and walk and when they were done id play cards again -REMEMBER WHAT YOU ARE DOING remember you are creating a new life and enjoy it! as strange as that is to say, I didnt take any pain meds during my labour because i heard that they can affect your baby so that wasnt an option for me but all i had to do was remember what I was doing and that was creating life and it help me to not give up. I know that I was in alot of [ain during my labour, but i really dont remember the pain much at all...all i really reember are bits and peices, and I remember the scariest part for me was when I was almost in the pushing stage I thought I had to have a bowel movment and i was trying not to but still pushing and my water broke that was so scary he feeling was scary and seeing blood splatter everywhere freaked me out i thought i was going to have a still birth, luckly I had my daughter healty and she is perfect! on a side ote, if you have any questions or anything please email me Id love to let you know my opinions, and what worked for me :) [email protected] Ellie


mama-beans - November 14

A labor tip from me.. DON'T let your doctor bully you! If you don't want an epidural/episiotomy/ IV line, you don't HAVE to get one. Constant fetal monitoring.. itchy? don't want it? you don't HAVE to! Hospitals do a lot to make things easier for THEM, but when you are in labor, they don't count. If you want to eat... eat. If you want time in the tub, jump on in. You WANT that epidural early on, pain scares you? Hey, you're paying the anesthesiologist, he'll put one in for you. You want to birth squatting on the bed? Go ahead. Don't let the hospital run your birth, get you stuck in bed all monitored and hooked up so that you have to give birth lying down... unless you WANT to. Take charge, mamas. This is YOUR baby, YOUR birth, and as long as your decisions don't HARM that baby, YOU call all the shots.


Sita - November 14

Well said Mama-beans. Im 36 weeks with my first and a little nervous, but with encouraging advice like yours and Ellies, who would be scared. Thanks.



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