Large Amounts Of Discharge

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Brittany536 - November 3

I had my membranes stripped yesterday morning, within a half hour or that i started having regular contractions. The next morning i woke up and had a large amount of discharge. I've had it all day long now, and it either runs out or sometimes gushes out. It was real mucasy this morning but now it is a little more watery like. It was white this morning and now its more clear and a little more runny. Everyone i have asked about has never heard of it.


Tory1980 - November 4

Sounds like the thick mucus was your plug and the more watery clear discharge (especially without a smell) could be your waters going and the gushes and general 'running out' all day I a__sume occurs depending on the position you are in. I would suggest going to the hosptial asap to see what is happening. If it is your waters then you need to be watched and labour to begin over the next day or so to reduce the chances of an infection. Good luck!


mommyjoy - November 29

I posted a "compound" of questions on another thread- but it party relates to your question: "Hey everyone- I'm almost 38 weeks with my second child. (With my first, my water broke at 3:45 in the morning on his due date and had him 12 hours later.) I Went to the Dr. Monday 11/26 (37w3d) for my weekly checkup and thought I was getting a regular exam to see how far dialated/effaced I was (she said I'm 2cm now). I thought my Dr. was digging for gold and I was writhing and moaning with pain- all she said was I will most likely be spotting after the exam I just had. So- after reading all these postings, I have no doubt she must have stripped my membranes. I'm pretty p__sed she didn't explain anything or even ask if I wanted that done. Any thoughts of how to handle that? Anyhow, I lost my part of my mucous plug at 35w2d and it had a partially dried "rubber cement" consistency. Yesterday, (11/28) I discharged a ton of beige mucous that was a gross thick snot-like consistency and it's still going... Is this a result from the membranes being stripped, or has anyone else had this happen at this stage. I didn't experience any of this with my first pregnancy. Also, for a couple of weeks, I've had these stabbing pains where I would imagine my cervix to be. Don't know if it's my cervix changing b/c it really only happens when the baby is turning and shifting. I've mentioned it to my Dr.'s my last two appointments and they really had nothing to say...Should I be switching OB/GYNs for any subsequent children? Either way, they don't lie when they say every pregnancy is different!"


mommyjoy - November 29

To be more specific- I called the Dr. last night about whether I lost the rest of my mucous plug or what- and she said she couldn't tell me anything unless she was able to examine me. She didn't seem to alarmed though- she said it was really up to me when I came in (have an appointment on 12/3). The triage nurse called me back this morning after I left a message to set up an appointment for today, and she said at this stage it's normal- as long as there's not a lot of blood and it's not too watery. So I'm just going to keep an eye on the color of everything (greenish could be a sign of infection). Sorry- about to get gross- my discharge yesterday looked like someone had a bad cold and used my underwear for a kleenex. Ugh- it seemed really wet too- but I think it was just more obvious b/c of the cotton underwear absorbing the moisture. Anyhow- I've been discharging smaller amounts since last evening- kind of off-white/beige in color. Yuk! Can't wait to get this part over with ;-) If you're gushing with liquid- that could indicate that your amniotic sac may have broken, or has a leak- in that case, you need to go see the doctor to avoid harmful infections. Good luck! Hope everything goes (went) well


chasitynicole - November 29

hi, i am 38 weeks pregnant. i am 75% effaced. o stationed. i have been having clear discharge, contractions, and lots of cramping. my dr was really rough the last time during my exam. i dont know why though.



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