Latent Labor Please Help

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Lindsey - August 12

I am 40 1/2 weeks and scheduled for induction on Tuesday, August 16, but started going into "labor" yesterday morning. I started having very painful contractions around 6 am and they have only gotten worse since then. At one point I was having 70 second contractions every 4-5 minutes, so we went to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctor found that not only is my cervix completely closed, but it is STILL posterior! They told me that I am going through some pretty severe "latent" labor, but I feel more confused than ever after leaving the hospital. Everything that I have read refers to "latent" labor as the earliest stage of labor, preceding "active" labor and says that it is rare for it to last even 24 hours, yet mine has been going strong for 39 hours. I was also told that it is possible that I may not go into "active" labor before Tuesday, so they might still have to induce!! These contractions are so painful and long that they wake me up from any kind of sleep, so I'm relying on lots of short naps to get me through the days. I am very worried that if this lasts until Tuesday, I'll be so exhausted that I'll be worthless in the delivery room. Does anyone have any suggestions for pain relief (walking doesn't help) or possible ways to speed up this process? Has anyone else experienced latent labor like this, or know anything about it? I REALLY appreciate any help!!


Shannon - August 13

Latent labor can be prolonged by the posistion of your baby. Is he / she head down and anterior? Posterior babies can cause a mult_tude of labor problems for women having their first babies, including postdate pregnancy (going overdue), rupture of membranes with no labor, a labor that is more painful than normal, a prolonged latent phase. If that were the case you can do things to reposition the baby like pelvic rocks and you should avoid reclining positions that encourage the baby to flop back on his/her back. I wish I could be of more help I know it is very discouraging. I am also 40 weeks and when I went to the Dr the other day I wasn't even dialated and my cervix was still posterior. I have had so many contractions some painful in the last month I thought for sure this baby would be out by now. Because I have had so much cramping. I have found ma__sage and heat pads to work for the pain. Unfortunately, I don't know what will speed up the process with an unripe cervix. I hope for the both of us that we have a spontaneous labor and don't need to be induced. Good luck to you!


Michelle - October 31

I went through exactly this. I feel your pain and can offer no solution.



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