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young_mum_2_b - June 25

hey everyone...i'm 39 weeks and 1 day today and have planned to have a waterbirth. I was just curious to hear other peoples stories of their waterbirths or just their births in general is fine...eg...how did u know it had started how long did it last and what pain meds did u opt for?? also i am 17 and have been told by y ob and midwife that younger people tend to have faster labors. My mother has fast labors...with her first he was 5 hours (but there were complications with him), with me she was in labor for 2 hours, the next lasted 90 minutes and with her last she was in labor just 55 minutes!! Now, because i am younger and it is common in my family, aunties and cousins as well, to have fast labors..what are the possibilites of mine being fast also?? Any help you can offer would be great...thanks in advance!!


Alycia - June 26

Hey - my birth story is over on the third trimester forum, but you'll have to go back to May to find it. It's the "Alycia's Homebirth Story" thread. As for fast labors running in your family, don't count on it. You could get lucky, but you just never know - so much depens on your baby's position and other factors. Precipitous (VERY fast) labors and big babies run in my family, but my labor was quite long due to a bladder infection. Labor is funny like that - anything can happen. Just keep an open mind and try not to have too many expectations!


Alycia - June 26

BTW, I did have a waterbirth...


kvilendrer - June 26

hi. i did not have a waterbirth. my labor was incredibly easy. i had a doctor's appointment the day before i had my son...which by the way was exactly on his due date. After my doctor checked my cervix, i started having contractions. They went all through the night, but i didn't know that i was in labor b/c everyone said you'll definitely know, but my contractions felt just like all the other ones (the braxton-hicks ones). I went to the hospital at 7 in the morning. i had my gorgeous son at 6:09 p.m. after an hour and a half of pushing. The epidural was wonderful! I didn't feel anything. I would do it all over again. That's why I'm ttc my second one.



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