Make It Come Sooner

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jade - November 8

I am 3cm dilated and 80% thinned out and i am 38 weeks pregnant and i am ready what can i do to make him come sooner


Min - November 8

No matter if you're 4cm dilated and 100% effaced, this is no indication of an imminent labor. Internals introduce bacterias which lead to infection. Unfortunately you can be dilated and effaced for weeks and weeks without labor starting. The numbers system gives so much false hope to women in late pregnancy and there are no clear cut ways to predict when labor will start.


Ashlie - November 8

take castor oil and go jogging up and down some stairs. or if you are unable to do that, try rocking hard in a rocking chair (thats what they had me do at the hospital)


charmagne - November 9

Try walking and eating on some pinapples at the same time and dont stop until you feel at lease one contraction, thats what i am getting ready to do know.


Jeriah - November 11

Have you tried nipple stimulation?


Ashlie - November 11

Sylvia - Only take 2 tbls in a small milkshake and you should be fine, this is what my doctor told me. And after you drink it go walking, I didnt get the poops or anything just some contractions but my body is very stubborn when it comes to labor so it didnt work for me. good luck


mama-beans - November 11

You really should discuss the use of Castor Oil with your doctor.. there are some very negative side effects possible, both for you and for baby! I know you feel like you've been pregnant forever,and are ready for it to be over... but your baby will come when IT is ready to leave your body... It needs all the time it can get in that safe place to grow and mature.. please, just wait out the next 2 weeks, you will be happy you did when you are holding your child!


Ashlie - November 11

Just to comment on the last post, there is actually nothing castor oil can do to your baby, I asked my doctor as I was extremely concerned with taking it and she said it does NOT cause the baby to get sick in any way, or have a bowel movement in the womb. the only negative effect she said it would have is possible diahria (if you take too much) which could cause you to get dehydrated if you dont keep enough fluids in your system.


... - November 11

Huh...MY OBGYN warned against it, as she said, everything I eat goes to the baby ( no alcohol, remember?) and that includes Castor Oil. If it gives me the cramps and runs.... it can do the same to my baby. I guess it depends on the doctor you see as to the risks.. I now have a Midwife for baby#2 and she said they never use Castor Oil unless mom is approaching 42 weeks, and then it is a last resort.


Samantha - November 11

try to take a long walk, it worked for me. I had baby that night!


Dawn - November 12

I would love to tell you to wait it out and it is so easy for mothers to say this once they have their baby in their arms. I am also playing the waiting game, with child no. 2 but I will only try the safe induction methods, of s_x and walks and nipple stimulation. With all the controversy over castor oil, it would probably be wisest to avoid it just in case, we never know!


jen - November 18

i was 1 week late and i tried everything so make labor come sooner. nothing works. i even tried the castol oil and all that did was make my baby have a bowel movement inside me that wasnt good for delivery at all. i'd never do that again my daughter is 3 months now. please relax as much as u can now.



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