Measuring Large For Dates

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LM - December 30

Has anyone measured large for dates? I'm 32 weeks and measuring 36 weeks, any chance my baby will arrive earlier than expected? Thanks for your help!


mama-beans - December 30

YOU are measuring large? Like when they have you lay down and measure your belly? If that is what you are talking about... sorry! Those measurements are estimates, as they don't take into account the amount of fat stores you may have on your belly, which would make the measurement longer then if you had very little fat stores... But you never know!


chrissie - December 30

fundal height is not always accurate, it depends on how expierence the person doing it is plus the factors of how your were pre-pregnancy matters...if u were over weight or under weight its gonna be off, its really almost a guess. my baby was always a lil bigger according to the ultra sounds but with the fundal height i measured a week behind. so i really wouldnt pay much attention to it. also i heard that it was only "accurate" up till the 35th week...a__sumeing the person knows what their doing


LM - December 30

I was underweight prepregnancy so hopefully that means I'm a bit further along. My doctor estimates my son will be TEN pounds if I go full term.. YIKES!!! My first son was 5 pounds so the thought of having a child double the size is not very appealing.


leeums - December 31

My measurements have been about 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule since mid pregnancy, I am now 38+5 weeks and am measuring at 40-41. This measuring system is not accurate, it also depends on if the same person is measuring you. If there are different doctors in your office they all may measure from different points and come up with different numbers. The way it was explained to me was that they only use the measuring to ensure that the baby is continually growing larger.



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