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Cindy - May 6

Hi everyone. Today (may 6th) is my due date. As of 2 weeks ago i was still closed tight, and nothing is happening. This week, my DR did not check me, but today I had a NST and I had 1 contraction in the whole half hour I was hooked up :( I go back Monday for another NST. What can I do to start labor that is safe? I am so miserable i have been crying all day (lol) I really am sick of the uncomfortable feeling's etc.. I did not even lose my mucus plug or anything. Dr said she will not induce me untill I am 41 1/2 weeks :( Any suggestions? Please?!!? I want him out and safe in my arms..


sara - May 9

Cindy, you should do research for yourself befor trying this, but I've read about borage oil and evening primerose oil. Borage oil supposedly is better because it contains more of the prostogladins found in s____n. It is suppose to help soften and ripen the cervix. For use you take 1 orally and 2 v____aly. I tried this last night and I go to see my dr. today. I've been 75% effaced with no dialation for the past two weeks. Also I lost my mucous plug two weeks ago and I am 38wks. Two weeks ago I tried 2oz of castor oil and all it did was act as a laxitive. I would'nt risk it again, I'm still scared my baby will come out with meconium. My doctor didn't reccomend it either, the castor oil. Oh, you could also drink raspberry leaf tea, it's taste great with sweetner and it is suppose to help you have more productive contractions. Good luck, I'll let you know if the e.p. oil helped.


Sara - May 9

I forgot to mention walking and s_x. You may not have the energy to go for a walk but when I go for a walk every evening, I usually have some contractions which are suppose to be helping my cervix get ready. I only walk about 15-20mins. at a faster pace than normal. Since I am single, I can't do the s_x thing but I asked my dr. about masterbation and he said it doesn't hurt to try. But I don't see how it would'nt help, I'm still irratating the cervix and climaxing which is suppose to bring on contractions. Sorry if that was more than you wanted to hear. So good luck!


Sara - May 9

Well, I went to see my dr. and nothing has changed, I guess the little guy just isn't ready. He irrated my cervix as much as he could but I really don't think it's going to make a difference. Good luck to you.



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