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logansmom - March 2

For some reason the past two days I have been EXTREMELY moody with everyone. I want to be by myself all the time and I can't even stand to be around my boyfriend/fiance. We just got in a huge fight and I told him I'm moving out and everything. I can't figure out why I am so freaking mad at everyone. Does anyone else ever have this problem or am I just going crazy?


Cevvin - March 7

Your going crazy!!! Joking, hun your pregnant!!! hormones run so weird when your pregnant. I find it easy to apologize when im moody like that. Dont let it get to you, and try not to let it get to everyone else. Crying while apologizing usually helps get the acceptance and run some more hormones out !!!


Tammy276 - March 7

welcome to pregnancy!! especially towards the end!! I am 37 weeks and these last 3 weeks have been horrible!! I feel so sorry for my husband, I am snapping at him all the time for no reason usually...thankfully he understands and knows it will get better after the baby is delivered.


amyjo - March 8

Moody? Ha. I feel like satan. I'm so sick of complaining and nitpicking at hubby. I can't stand myself!


Lovedblessings - March 8

HI Ladies, It's so hard sometimes, it feels like your having some out of body experience where you can see yourself but can't find the brakes to turn it off!! March 31st can not come fast enough!


Kristin11 - March 9

lol i am with you ladies i am about 35 weeks and god i cant stand myself. I am mean, rude, snippy and dont want anyone to talk to me even. I have no patience for my toddler at all even. I am constanly apologzing to everyone for snapping.


Kre87 - March 9

i feel the same exact way, i snap at everything everyone says, and the smallest things set me off, i hate this lol!


candaceann1 - March 9

I'm only moody towards people on this website, lol.


Tammy276 - March 9

yeah, we've noticed........


cindernar - March 9

This is getting interesting....


ThaiMex - March 9

I'm in the same boat ladies! I'm only 28 wks and from what it sounds like, this will probably last 'til labor! Ugh! I usually can manage my irritibility at work, but when I get home, my poor husband gets the brunt of it!


iemc19 - March 10

Aren't hormones wonderful??? This is no.4 and I have never been so emotional in a pregnancy as I am with this one....I get so touchy - ok I've been stressed with builders up until about 3 weeks ago but....Even my dh saying 'are you ok?' can set me bubbling or snarling...I have to say he's dealt with it remarkably well....Maybe I'm wrong...maybe I've been like this every pregnancy and he's just gotten used to it.....!!



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