Mucas Plug

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danalu - June 7

Question: I am 38 weeks and I had an internal yesterday. The doc told me I may have some spotting, but later in the evening I noticed stringy blood tinged type of spotting that kinda lasted til this morning - could an internal loosen the plug?? Last week I was 80% effaced, but my cervix was completely closed - this week she said I was about 1cm dialted - would this be the mucas plug they talk of?? I heard labor will start within a week to 2 weeks after this "falls out". Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!


krista-lee - June 7

sounds like you're losing parts of it. if the whole plug can out you wouldnt second guess what it is lol. i lost a big chunk of my plug at 36 weeks and losing little bits week by week (now 42 weeks almost!) and no labor for me :(


Daniella - June 9

Sounds like part of the mucus plug. Its a myth that labor will happen shortly after. Of course there is always that possibility, but its really normal to happen ESPECIALLY just following an internal exam. I lost my mucus plug at 32 weeks when I was 1 cm. I went into labor 39 weeks 4 days just 2 days after I had my membranes stripped. ___Krista-lee- WOW!! Your still pregnant?? OH my!! Good luck to you!!!


piratesmermaid - June 17

Can you go into labor without loosing your mucus plug? Or only loosing a part of it? And is it always pink tinged or bloody?


Daniella - June 17

Yes you can go into labor without ever losing the plug. It can come out during labor. Just as you can go into labor without being dilated early on. Some woman dilate much sooner than others, some lose the plug early, etc. and NO it doesn't always have to have blood in it. When it does that usually means your closer to labor then just losing the plug without the blood. A lot of woman, including myself, loose the plug around 32 weeks where it is like a gel like substance thats kinda yellowish brown looking. ALmost like a snot. Then lose a little bit here and there as your body regenerates it, but then a week or so (it could be anytime getting close to labor) you will lose much more of the plug with blood in it.


nanny - June 18

hi, i had an internal and my midwife did a streatch and sweep at 39 weeks 4 hours later i lost my plug and then my waters broke later that day... the plug did look like you have a heavy cold and b__wn your nose. good luck x


piratesmermaid - June 19

Now I know what to look for, thanks! Haven't lost my plug yet. Doctor says my cervix is still closed, so maybe in the next week or so... I'll keep an eye on things...


Daniella - June 19

piratesmermaid- how far along are you now??


piratesmermaid - June 21

I'm just at 37 weeks.


Daniella - June 21

ah, dont say "just at".... 37 weeks is great. Your almost there and are now considered full term and can have the baby at any time. Good luck!!!


michellem - June 22

i've had 3 kids and am 34 wks preg with 4th, never even seen a mucus plug tehe, maybe this time


kelbabe - July 1

i was 3 days late when i lost my plug...and went into labour 30 mins later!!



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