Mucous Plug-a24

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Lucie Riley - July 10

I am 34-35 weeks pregnant and have previous history of miscarriage and stillbirth, although have had a normal pregnancy since. I think my mucous plug has come away today as it was jelly like clear/yellow but with no pink/blood. Can this happen 4-5 weeks before and nothing happen again until labour or does it mean that labour is about to begin?


Tiffany - April 13

In my last pregnancy I lost my mucous plug about 2 wks. before labor started.


Starr - June 14

Your mucous plug may indicate that labor is close, but may not necessarily mean immediately. It's often a sign you're beginning to dilate and efface and on average a woman will begin the first stage of labor between 18-24 hours; however, some sources say a couple of weeks may pa__s before any signs of labor. Cramping may occur around the time you lose the plug. Simply keep an eye on the flow (heavier, red flow would mean you need to go to the hospital) and the intensity of your cramping/contractions (3-5 minutes apart "could" mean you're starting the beginning stage of labor. Some women begin contractions, and they eventually fade due to "false labor". Always consult your physician if you have serious questions such as this one.


Connie - June 22

I am also 34 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and I have also noticed a few chunks of my mucous plug. With all my pregnancies I tend to dialate fairly early which for me means quick labors and deliveries. I thinkk my doctor will do an internal exam next week and I can't wait to see if dialation has begun.


Diane - July 10

Sometimes when I am lying down, I get a few drops of clear urine that drips down to my underwear. I don't even realize that its coming, it just happens. Is this normal before labor and is is urine that is coming out?


Lauren - July 13

I notice that I have this problem too. I am not sure what this is. I was afraid that my water broke.


angie - November 14

I am 37 weeks pregnant and i think im loosing my mucous plug. i have no clue because this is my first pregnancy. its thick jelly like that looks a little yellow or clear white, there is no pink, brown, or red that comes out with it. i have been on bedrest since i was 35 weeks and been have contractions but these were not the real ones to were i dilate so i get sent home. i hope there is nothing wrong. what do i do??



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