Mucouse Plug And Labor

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velvet (young mom) - August 8

hi girls iam 39 weeks my due date is aug 15 and my ? is that i been having small globs of gelatin like discharge every time i go pee and i wipe ialways have clear gelatin coming out. could tha be small amouts coming from my mucouse plug . also on saturday i went to hospital and had an exam done the dr said i was 2cm dilated 70% about 2 weeks and now i beenhaving false contractions my due date is Aug 15, 2005 could i be going into labor any time yet or is there some thing really to speed things up please if you could answer my question and explain to me what this is ist my 1st baby,,,,,,thanks in advance.


Jess - August 8

Velvet- that is normal. I am 37wks and I have the gelatin discharge. If you want to have the baby you can try castor oil. You are thinned out enough that it should work. It worked with my first and I'm going to try it again tonight.


Lacey - August 8

Velvet- i have been having the gelatin discharge as well. I am 39 weeks along and due Aug. 16th. My dr informed me that the mucous plug can come out in pieces. Good Luck!


tigger mum2b - August 10

hi ppl im over due my baby was due the 8th of aug it still not here, but my mucus plug came away last nite, it was like clear gel then changed to white and light yellow, i spoke to a midwife and she said all is ok and that laber is just round the corner, around 72 hours, so i will be a mother soon i hope, i just wnt to know what i am haveing lol, i cannot get comfortable at night, i really hope the baby wnts to come out soon and i wud just like to say good luck to velvet,


kat - August 10

My due date is Aug 13th. I am in the same situation as you Velvet. I think labor is coming very soon. :) Good luck!!!


Allison - August 10

i too was told that i was 2cm dilated, and i have been getting a gelatin discharge for the past month. i didn't know that a woman could be dilated without having a bloody show or having water breakage. i am 37 weeks and 3 days. my daughter is 13 months and she came right at 38 wks. ppl tell me that i could be the same with this baby. i sure hope so cause my fiance is one his way here. how long til i pop??!!! some ppl say it could be weeks, but is it possible to have this child come as early as my last? ...


Brandy - August 10

I am 39.3 weeks Due on the 14th and lost my mucous plug last Monday (9 days ago) and still nothing. Doctor says I am still at 1-2 cm, 70-80 effaced, soft but a posterior cervix. I was hoping for a baby last week, yet here I am still waiting. Been having sooo maannny BH lately, but nothing regular. Now I am having a slight yellowish discharge. Hopefully that means the cervix is doing something again. I am sooo tired of being prego!! Good luck-



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