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Amy - January 24

How much mucus should come out with your mucus plug? I've been losing some here and there for 3 days now. It started with alot the first 3 times and now it's small amounts. I'm getting worried cause I thought it would all come out at once. Has anyone else had this happen?


Christine - January 24

It does not have to all come at once...I would just ask your doc about it when you see him/her next...I a__sume your going at 1 week intervals?...good luck


KM - January 31

I lost mine all during the week before i delivered.its normal dont worry


jen - February 9

i lost mine about 2 weeks ago and i still have a piece here and there its no big thing promiss you will be fine i am! i just cant belive i have been waiting 2 weeks and still no baby Grrrrrr. lol


dawn - February 11

i am 6 months and my mucus plug has been coming out is this normal ?


Tonya - February 19

A person can actually lose their mucus plug very early. This "plug" is for protection of your baby. It lies between the amniotic sac and cervix. It does regenerate so it's not uncommon to lose it early and then it "regrow" and you could lose it again before labor. Not to sound gross, but if you lose it all at once it will resemble a big ball of snot. It can look like many different colors (green, yellow/green or even pink). this is all normal. If you have bleeding like the heaviest day of your period, you need to get to your doctor quickly. Some people lose their "plug" in intervals as someone mentioned in a previous reply. That is also normal. It will typically be a bit thicker than usual discharge and should not really have to much of an offensive odor. Good luck.


KAY - February 22



Tammie - March 19

It's happening to me and alot is coming out, which has been happening for about a couple of weeks but not every day of the week. My due date is near but I've had no other signs of labor.


Trish - March 19

Am just over 39 weeks pregnant. Today when i went to the bathroom i noticed that the discharge that id'e been getting throughout my pregnancy had changed. It had gone from a watery cloudy clolour and a thick soft white discharge to a thick greenish jelly like discharge!! think this may have been a sign that my mucus plug is starting to come away???


Katie - April 11

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and ive noticed a few little pieces of muscus every once in a while it's definatly not just a discharge, is this normal? it's not alot and i havent had any bleeding or pain


Peggy - April 12

I was due two days ago. I have lost my mucos plug, but it took about two weeks. I lost little by little. I actually thought it was just regular discharge just a little thicker, but when I went to the doctor he had told me mine was about 50% gone (that was 2 weeks ago). Well now I am really frustrated. I was thinking I was going to go into labor soon and I have not. I have been having BH everyday for the past month and like I said my mucos plug is gone and I am past my due date. I have not dropped yet and I am worrying that something is wrong. Should I have already dropped or do you sometimes drop when you are in labor?


callie - April 12

Peggy - I was also due two days ago. I'm kinda in the same boat as you. I lost my mucus plug today. I don't think my baby has dropped very much either, but I haven't gone to the doctor in a week. I have a dr. appt. tomorrow, so will see what happens. Also, I think some people may drop right before labor. Your dr. can tell you for sure if the baby has dropped. I'm sure everything is ok. You may have dropped and not noticed. Good luck to you - and me. Here's hoping that something happens soon. I really want to meet baby!


Sophia - April 14

Hey.. I am 38 weeks pregnant as of today and am very ready to have my little girl..I lost my mucus plug 5 1/2 weeks ago over a period of 2 days..I have had flu like symptoms for about 5 days now, heartburn, vomiting, nausea, loose frequent bowels. Still however nothing has happened. Dr. said i am 1 centimeter as of yesterday, and said i was "soft". Can anybody tell me what could be goin on or when i'll go into labor? Thanks.


Jamie Knox - April 21

I think I have been losing my mucus plug but I am not sure. I am 30 weeks pregnant.


wilbur - April 25

what is effaced?


Angela - April 26

HI! I just lost my mucus plug Sunday morning. Smae thing first 2 times were real heavy and now just little bits at a time. I went to the doctors today and she said yes its very normal, and could continue with bits here and there from now till labor! NO WORRIES!!


Gina C - April 28

I lost mine after an exam and an embarra__sing false labor trip to the hospital...didnt come home with baby and Im 38 weeks, good luck



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