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syn - July 24

I don't know if I lost my mucus plug or now. I was wondering if there was a feeling that went along with it so maybe I felt something. I do have pink spotting right now. I am 39 weeks today


SandraD - July 24

If it's mucus - stringy blobby (too much information LOL) like - it's the mucus plug...if not, it could be "show" which means labor is very near...I understand brown discharge is normal but pink or red means that labor could start very soon. Good luck!!!


Stacey - July 30

Go to the doctor your due!!!!!!!!!!!


Syn - August 1

yup, the pain I was feeling was contractions i had my baby at 6:15pm sunday. I haven't had much time for computers since then. but I have a healthy baby boy and labor was pretty quick for a first child


ddc - August 1

Congratulations! I wish I were in your position.


Deanna - August 1

Yes no kidding..i lost my plug yesterday at 5 am...still nothing has happend though


Syn - August 3

thank u. i never lost my plug untill my water broke. so i was surprised. it really happend fast. i'm so glad i had midwifes. good luck too you all.


~S~ - August 4

I'm 37 weeks and haven't lost my mucus plug. Everytime I go to the bathroom, I'm always checking to see if I have any spotting or mucus like stuff, but nothing.


AC - August 5

My due date is today and I lost my mucus plug last Thursday and still no baby. I did read that it could take up to 3 weeks after losing it


Jenny - August 9

I havent lost my mucous plug yet (I've never spent so much time staring into a toilet) but I was spotting 2 days ago and have had cramps and contractions off and on. They did the group b strep test though. you think the spotting is from that? I wish it was labor instead :(


frustrated - August 9

I lost my plug last thursday and i'm 39 weeks today. I've had my membranes stipped 6 times(not at all exaggerating!) and my doc says i'm a hair short of 4 cm. THe doc says that i'm far enough along to be admitted i just have to start contracting! I was at 3 cm for 5 days and today I'm finally 4. I want my son to hurry and come!


Jay - August 9

what does it look like? I had a big ball of snot on my panties today - but no blood...sorry to be so graphic and gross but that is t he only way to describe it. Any one else have that ?


Mando - August 9

How much mucus is it? I had some come out last night - maybe 1/2 teaspoon.Is that enough to stop up a cervix???


jay - August 9

I had about the same - half a teaspoon. But strangely enough, I had glob of it two days ago, some period cramps, then another glob today. No blood, though. I will try to research tonite and let you know. What color was yours? Mine - yellowy greenish.


mando - August 10

Same - not pink or red at all. that was 2 days ago. i am now 40 weeks + 4 days. had cramping on and off for couple of weeks. soon soon soon.....


Linds - August 11

Jay--yellow/greenish usually indicates an infection. I had the same thing happen at about 37 weeks and it ended up being yeast and bacterial vaginosis. My mucous plug came out at 40 1/2 weeks and it was bloody, then turned to a pinkish/brownish color. I am sure that the mucous plug can be a different color, but you should ask your doctor about the yellow/green.


still waiting - August 11

I lost my mucus plug 3 days ago dialated to 3 cm and 60% effaced I am 39 weeks and have had contractions off and on for a while now but they are not consistant. so whennnnnnnnnnnn! is it going to happen.



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