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Colleen - July 13

I'm 38 wks. 2 days. 2 cm dilated, cervix is still kind of thick as of 2 days ago. Last night in the shower 2 strands of white/yellow mucus like stuff came out, was that my mucus plug or part of it? And should that mean my labor is starting (being as I'm dilated and so far)? Plus, I've had contrax on and off, upset stomach (on & off), loose bowels (tmi-sorry), etc. Please any help would be great. This is my 2nd pregnancy but with my 1st I was induced and had nothing prior to the induction. Thanks.


Anna - June 11

wow, I'm in the same boat. I was induced last time and this is #2. It does sound like the mucus plug, but it doesn't mean labor is coming anytime soon. Mine started dislodging at 37 w and I'm not 39 w. It doesn't mean you won't go soon tho! I've also had false starts with loose bm and stomach. My doctor said that there's no predicted the big moment but all of the weeks my body is certainly gearing up. Sadly, we just have to wait it out! I guess the real thing is the extremely painful contractions that come with baby. GOOD LUCK!


Clare - July 9

Thank you ladies! This is my first pregnancy and at 38w I was starting to wonder what was happening to me. I've been having loss of mucus for the last few days, had loose bowels over the last week and backache. I thought it was just me and I was poorly. Although I know this is no definate sign that labour will iminently start, its quite rea__suring to know other people have the same symptoms. Good luck ladies, hope all goes well for a quick and easy birth.


becca - July 10

well i guess you actually helped me out a lot! i've had all the same signs but my due date is TODAY and i just lost my mucus plug last night although mine was a dark dark brown. i'm patiently awaiting the arrival of my first though it feels like forever! good luck on you pregnancies! hopefully i'll meet my little one tonight or tomorrow!!!!


Jen - July 13

I am there with you! I am at 38 1/2 weeks, dealing with the loose bowels, backache, contrax, and mucus. YUK, huh? This morning I even had a small amount of a thin milky fluid. I thought I had sprung a leak! This is my 3rd baby, and I still don't know what to think about when it's going to happen! There are just as many false alarms and anxieties as the first time around. You ladies hang in there... They always say "Oh, you'll know..." YEAH, WHATEVER!!


sharon - September 17

i am so glad to see these comments. I am 38 wks with my second and i am as baffled this time as i was last time. i had the long strand of ickies today along with days of (what i think are) contractions, but just njot regular enough. i cant take this uncertainty much longer!


Jennifer - September 22

I am in the same situation, but I haven't lost my mucus plug yet. I had a membrane sweeping done yesterday just wondering if anyone has had that done?


krista - September 22

I've had the sweep before with my first one. It doesn't feel too comfortable. Hopefully it works for you as well.


kellie - September 23

it is alright you are pretty safe right now you could go into labor soon or not...i was 38 weeks with my second and 3 cm dialated and 80 % effaced walked around like that till 40 weeks and still had to be just time those contractions and hopefully you wont have to be induced again...Good luck


Tanya - September 27

Im 33 weeks, and i lost my mucus plug last week and im still ok, hoping to go atleast 4 more weeks, contractions here and there but nothing real i dont think at this point.. good luck ladies...


coco - April 7

well im 39 wks and ive lost my mucus plug followed by really bad contractions and a terrible back ack that seems to never leave just getsa stronger so i dont know what to tell you i wanna know myself if im in true or false labour


Maribel Marrero Smith - April 21

I'm only 27 weeks and today my mucus plug has came out. It was a clear like gel guke. What it really look's like and feels like is the sticky blob toy you can purchace at the 25 cent gum ball machine the one kids swing around and stick to the wall. This is my 2nd pregnacy the first time my mucus plug came out was durring intercourse w/ my husband only that time the plug was much more bigger and foamy because of all the body fluids. Being only 27 weeks I hope that this dosen't mean an early labor for me. My first pregnacy my mucus plug came out 2 weeks prior to me giving birth.


Elle - April 22

Hi, I am 32 weeks pregnant and 2 days ago I had a strange light brown discharge. It looked like the sort of thing I get just before the period. No blood though, no pain. I have kicks but nothing prolonged or regular. My stomach has been a source of all kinds of trouble for the last 10 years, so I don't count constipation combined with upset stomach. Now I am worried about what happened. Is this mucus plug coming out or something is wrong with me?


chantelle - April 22

i'm also 38wks 2days 2cm dilated i lost my mucus plug 2 wks ago and had 2 blood shows still losing mucus it went through stages from brown like colour to bloody now white i have been getting contactions but not the real thing back ach lose bowels ect this is my second child but i had no idea it would all be so different i didn't have the blood shows with my first so i thought i would have gone into full labour not long after but that didn't happen the doctors keep saying it shouldn't be long now but they said that 2 wks ago so they just tell you that to shut u up they have just as much as an idea as you as to when full labour is going to start.


ni ni - April 23

i'am not that far yet but i have 2 children and that sounds like your mucas plug,it doesn't necessarily mean that you are in labor but you are getting extremly close


Sarah - May 3

I am only 28 weeks along but today had a string of jelly mucus come out about the size of a most this is my 2nd pregnancy as well and for some reason I can't remember what my mucus plug looked like from my first pregnancy.....So I am wondering as well... I do feel a little bit more at ease now knowing I am not the only one going insane wondering....Thanks


awaiting my bundle - May 19

I am 40t weeks today and had my cervex sc___pped andf streched . I just know have lost what seems to be my mucas plug. When will labour really start?



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