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Bernice Easley - September 12

being 4 days overdue and losing mucus plug, what does this mean.


Bernice Easley - June 25

I want an answer!


karen - June 26

It means that you can go into labor, an indication that you will go into labor in the next week or so.


Stacey - June 26

With my 1st baby lost my plug and went into labor the next day.(1 week before my due date..) With this baby lost my mucus plug 2 weeks ago, still no baby and I am 10 days overdue!


Tabatha - July 7

I lost my mucus plug 6 days ago, and still no baby:( Mind you, I'm starting to have false contractions.


Laurie - September 8

I am a week overdue, getting induced tomorrow, just lost my plug, but no other sign of labor


Michelle - September 12

I lost my mucus plug 6 days ago, I'm 3 CM, and 80% effaced, but still no labor! My doctor told me that on AVERAGE, most women will go into labor within a week of losing their mucus plug but that is NOT standard. Every pregnancy is different and every body is different. So, sorry Bernice, but it may be awhile for you!


jessica - May 9



Jessica - June 2

What does this mean when i'm losing my mucus plug and it is come out in big clumps?


Ellie - June 3

Do you always lose your mucous plug before labour???


Dawn - June 10

Nothing. I am 8 days overdue and lost my mucus plug yesterday. This means nothing.


Misty - June 13

I think i lost mine on saturday and i am supposedly due on july 20th. I never lost anything with my last one


Misty - June 13

I don't think it means anything, my mother had six kids and never lost her plug. There was pink in my underwear and a few drops of blood at different times when I went to wipe. Nothing chunky but i guess that was my plug. I would a little worried about chunky stuff. I think it will be a couple weeks before I go into labor. My grandma had 10 kids and said she thinks the doctor is a couple weeks late on my due date. i don't what the hells going on, but you go onto labor when you go, losing your mucus plug is just part that has to happen. By the way I feel so bad for you that are overdue, hope you pop soon.


T.G. - June 13

I'm 38 1/2 weeks and dialated 2 1/2 centimeters and today i had a cervical exam and afterwards had some creamy bleeding at first and now its some spots on my toilet paper when i wipe....could this be my mucus plug or just b/c i got checked?! (4th time i've been checked and havent bled before..this first time)


mom & nurse - June 13

TJ- you probably had the blood tinged dc b/c you had been checked. it doesn't always happen to everyone, but your cervix is probably soft and ripe which means "it's about time". What % effaced are you and what is the station of the baby's head?


T.G. - June 13

I dont know those things...they didnt tell me.....she did say the baby's head is down. so i dont kno. I'm ready to have this baby!


Michelle - June 29

Do you think I could go into labor soon? I'm 39 weeks, last exam was 1+ cm dilated and 70% effaced. Baby was at station -1. I lost my mucus plug today. Been having cramps ALL afternoon.



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