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sharon - January 7

I had a ball of a clear jelly covered in white stuff fall out this morning, could this be my mucus plug.? By the way im nearly 37 weeks preg.


chezed - January 7

my mucus plug started like that then went very stringy and bloody, i then had my baby less than 24 hours later, hope this helps


Anne - January 7

Sharon.... I've had the exact same thing. A couple times in the last day I've had this clear gel like stuff come out. But I called my doctor and I was told the mucus plug is brownish in color. So I'm still here waiting!


L - January 7

The mucous plug doesn't have to be brown or bloody, but it can be. The plug and show are two different things. I lost my plug a week before labor and I didn't have show until labor actually started. Others lose the plug and have show at the same time, it varies.


Kris - January 9

My mucus plug was clear. It looked like I blew my nose on the toilet paper. So I think it could definatly be your plug.


baby01 - January 12

I am not sure if this is the same thing you all are talking about but this morning there was kind of light green/clear gooey stuff. Like I said it may not be the same but if it is, I would like to know.


LRK - January 13

At 38 weeks, I get the light green/ yellow/clear stuff. I think that is what is known as leukorrhea--just v____al discharge. The mucus plug should have dark brown bloodiness to it, so I have heard. Still waiting for mine. Looks like my baby wants to be well done.


alicia - January 14

your mucous plug does not have to have dark brown bloodiness to it. it can but it doesnt have to. my doctor described it just as mucous. with every womens pregnancy its different...some actually have what is like a cork of jelly which could or could not be bloody, and other just have an increase in mucousy discharge. they say when you have the blood in it that labor is more imminent though...just because you lose your plug does not mean that its going to happen that night and it can regenerate itself. confusing huh? iv lost mine twice or either just lost like peices of mine and mine was the yellowish clear mucous that just looked like someone blew their nose (ALOT) in the toilet paper.


Sian1 - January 14

when i was pregnant with my daughter i lost my plug about 4 days before i went into labour. it was clear with a bit of blood like streaks. With my son i had lots of clear/white gunk with the night before, then the next morning i had more but this time with blood, then had light bleeding for a couple of hours. both experiences very different. ( meaning loss of plug different with both pregnancies) also have a 3yo daughter, didnt lose anything with her though.


Miss Mary - January 14

When you lose your mucous plug is there alot??? Just wondering after I had my appointment on Fri, I think I lost it. It was like a small ball of brown discharge on the toliet paper with a little bit of blood on it too..... Ive had slight brownish red on toliet paper since also. I am 37 weeks. sorry being so graphic but just wondering.....



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