Natural Labor Or Cesarean

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Apple - December 25

hi, i am 25 wks preggies and have a hard time deciding on which type of birth to choose. really would like to go for natural labor but scared of all the pain and mostly the embarrasment that goes with it,but i ve heard that you recover much quicker. on the otherhand the cesarean is much more planned and over quickly and effortlessly, although ive also heard of the pain afterwards by having this major op. ive never been in hospital and never had any procedure done. please give advise on how to choose the best option:)


lunamoo - December 26

What "embarra__sment" comes with natural birth...? I have had three home births and I have had the most beautiful experiences. I cringe when I hear the stories of hospital births that are intervened with and end in c-section. Giving birth is such a unique and empowering experience, why rob yourself of that. And as far as recovery I was up and about minutes after birth. I suggest you read the Cesarean Section posts. So many of them are down right frightening. Good luck!


Apple - December 26

thanx for the comment. i am also very scared of a hospital birth. a friend of mine had 4 home births that went absolutely fabulous but my husband feels its to dangerous and its not even open for discussion.


Krissy25 - December 27

Hi apple, with my first i had a c-section b/c she was breech. While the procedure went very well and there were no complications with my dd or my recovery it's still major surgery. I couldn't walk for 2 days and when i was finally able to it was painful. I couldn't walk upright for a few weeks. It was hard to pick up my dd and the pain meds make you constipated. I'm now pregnant with my second and i'm hoping for a v-bac (vagnal birth after c-scetion). My doctor is very supportive, which i know some are not b/c there is some risk involved but they are small. Have you talked to your doctor about your feelings? You may not even have the option to have a c-section, most doctors won't perform it unless it is medically necessary. I also suggest you take a birthing cla__s. I took one (before i knew my dd was breech) and it was very informative and they teach you ways to deal with the pain and even go over your options for pain control. If you know what to expect and are prepared you might feel less anxious about it all. GL.


Krissy25 - December 27

By "it" i mean my baby was hard to pick up. LOL


Apple - December 29

hi krissy25,its very nice to hear from a personal xperience! thanx so much my birthing cla__ses start in jan so hopefully that will also help me with some clarity:) hope you have the vbac and everything goes really well!I know there are lots of women who have them succesfully!good luck:)


lunamoo - December 31

Hi Apple, I recommend your hubby reads about The Farm run by Ina May Gaskin. It is a "home birth" farm and their statistics are AMAZING. Meaning that 98% of birth go smoothly and the few times they needed to transfer to hospital it was because breech position or some other totally justified reason. And in such cases a simple transfer to hospital was the solution. In fact by reading her material and other stuff about home birth you realize that in fact you subject yourself to more intervention hence more risk in a hospital. Many hospitals have 40 plus % c-section rate. That is absolutely insane! Have you heard of talk show lady Ricky Lake...? She did a doc_mentary precisely on this topic.She had a home birth in her doc_mentary. She interviewed young nurses whom said they NEVER saw a natural birth in their years of working in hospitals. Anyway, even if your hubby doesn't agree with home birth he should certainally support your curiosity by doing some research and talking to people about it. Good luck!


Pearl - January 10

I have had 3 c-sections. I went through labor with the first two children but it was unsuccessful (got to 6 then labor stopped completely). I would love more than anything to experience a natural at home birth but that is no longer an option for me (after repeat c-sections). I have only known 1 mother that has been through both the natural birth and the c-section. She told me that natural was the way to go if at all possible. Hope that helps.



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